About the Webmaster

This website is for those planning a retirement party and for future retirees. The financial section will help those in that critical 10 year period the most.

I realized, as a teenager, that being unsuccessful was not an option. I searched for the keys or secrets to success. The search continues. But, along the way I found many ideas and concepts that have made a difference.

In 1988, I wrote a book entitled "Life Choices - Getting Your Financial Act Together". I observed my contemporaries and concluded that we make choices each day. Some of these choices change the remainder of our lives. Many of these choices are made during what I consider the "most important ten years of our lives" - ages 15 to 25. During that 10 year period we we often choose our educational path, a career, a mate (sometimes), make lots of mistakes, do some experimenting, etc. In only a few instances, that I recall, is that not the case.


My epiphany occurred when I was a teenager. I heard a motivational speech by Earl Nightengale. In it he proclaimed "that people are where they are because that is exactly where they want to be, whether they will admit it or not". I was so inspired that I started my search to become the person whom I wanted to be.

I took the American Dental Association Exam and the American Medical Assoication Exam. I was a psychology major at the time at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I was struggling, as most young people do, with what my career should be. I knew I had to select something that I enjoyed.

I also knew that it should be financially rewarding. Work is so much more fun when it pays well. Any effort that was required did not discourage me. I had already established some basic reasoning about life. I knew that the past could not be changed - we live in the present - and the future is the rest of our lives.

Therefore, no challenge was too great, if it created a better future. I have told several co-workers and colleagues that I try, every day, to do something that improves my future.


Eventually, I became an endodontist, professor, public speaker and mentor. Now I would like to pass my knowledge and good fortune on to others.

My writing style is very direct using the minimum number of words to get the point across. I learned this technique while preparing for a one hour speech at a convention. A day or two before the speech was to be given, the convention coordinator informed all of the speakers that their time would be limited to 30 minutes. The result was, of course, a better speech. The main thoughts had to be condensed and modified to fit the new time limit.

In my spare time, of which there is little, I enjoy golf, competitive sailing and traveling.


If you are retired, or near retirement, and want to pass on the vast amount of knowledge that you have acquired in your lifetime, you may find that creating your own web site may be perfect for you.

Maybe you would like to earn some extra money. You probably have a passion for something. After all, we are creative beings.

Having a web site like this has fit perfectly into my life style. I work on it when I choose to. I enjoy it and continue to learn as I research the topics that I write about.

Before I chose SBI ("Solo Build It"), I researched the internet for the best help available. SBI consistently was ranked #1.

It was a little over a year ago, that I made my decision. My research and the effort that I made paid off. A key point for me was the 90 day money back guarantee. If you have an interest in building your own web site and making some extra money - click here.

Richard Bence, D.D.S, M.S.