This Will Insure That You Cannot Fail To Lose Weight!

The best weight loss exercise-2 will not create fast or quick results on your bathroom scale. In fact, your results will be slow and steady.

By far, the best weight loss exercise is the one that you enjoy and will continue to do. Another word for exercise is work. But, that's okay. Worthwhile experiences require us to do what others will not do. A few people enjoy it, but most don't.

What we do enjoy are the many benefits that come with a proper exercise program. Losing weight requires commitment and effort. No one can lose weight and keep it off unless they work at it.

Will I Burn Calories While I Sleep If I Do Strength Training?

More muscle mass requires the body to burn more calories is considered by researchers to be a myth. In fact, strength training itself does not burn many calories. But, combine aerobic exercise with muscle toning exercises and you will have a better workout than either one alone.

There is nothing magic about losing weight. The best weight loss exercise, by far, is PUSHING YOURSELF AWAY FROM THE TABLE.

Here is the math to prove it. To lose one pound we need to burn 3500 calories. If we burn 300 calories in a workout, it would require approximately 12 workouts to lose one pound.

Consider eliminating 300 calories from your diet. Now the combination of 300 less calories consumed and the 300 calorie workout would require only 6 workouts to lose one pound.

Here is another mathematical weight loss formula that uses the "Calorie Deficit" formula. (By the way, I firmly believe in the "Calories In vs. Calories Out" theory of weight loss.)

  • Multiply your body weight by 14 to determine the average number of calories that you use each day. (Ex. 175 lb. person burns 2450/day) (These calculations assume that you have a sedentary job, do moderate workouts 3 to 5 times per week, and have average body fat.)
  • Limit your calorie intake to less than the calories that you use each day. (Ex. same 175 lb. person limits caloric consumption to 1850/day)
  • Result is an average weight loss of one pound every six days.

How To Insure That You Will Successfully Lose Weight!

Know Thyself. You already know what exercises you will do long-term. There is no need to start a swimming program, for example, if you don't like to swim. The first step, therefore, is to do a self-assessment.

Some people prefer to exercise alone. There are advantages. You don't need to coordinate a time with a workout partner or be part of a class. Others need the motivation (sometimes competition) or inspiration that a class provides. Working out alone, however, requires that you be disciplined and passionate.

  • Schedule your workouts and make your them a priority. Conflicts will occur, then do your workout ahead of schedule.
  • Set a reasonable goal and don't start too fast. A very reasonable goal could be to lose one pound every two weeks. Remember, this is a change in lifestyle. If you do it correctly, you could be 25 pounds lighter in one year and 50 pounds lighter in two years.
  • Track your progress. Weigh yourself regularly. Steady progress becomes a great motivator. You may need to adjust your goal depending on your progress.
  • Never forget your reasons for having a healthier diet and creating an exercise routine. They are: to be thinner and have a longer, healthier life. Remember that you are replacing old habits with new habits.
  • Take photos of yourself prior to starting your new way of living. Include views from the front, back, and side. You are likely to find them interesting in the future.
  • Measure yourself before starting. You know what to measure.

Do This!  Don't Do This!

Here are a some important "Do's and Don'ts":

  • Do eat at home. Prepare your own food so that you can control the portions and calories. Restaurants cater to those who want generous portions (or "all you can eat") and food that tastes good (often high in calories).
  • Avoid alcoholic beverages. A couple of beers totals 300 calories.
  • Avoid the hors d'oeuvres table at gatherings. You could consume 300 calories before dinner.
  • Don't be influenced by infomercials that promise you will lose weight fast.

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