It’s a Party – Make It Fun!

Free birthday speech ideas are presented. Write your speech to be persuasive and informative.

A birthday speech can be a toast to the guest of honor or a response to a toast. When the glasses clink and there seems to be pause in the conversation, it is time for an important part of the party.

There may be several toasts or only yours. But, the routine is similar. Give your toast with sincerity and a bit of gusto. Remembering, it is not about you. It is about the guest of honor and the audience. You are merely the deliverer of what should be a memorable moment.

There are likely to be several people at the party that don’t know you. They are there to hear what you say, but not about you. Don’t make them yawn. Keep it relevant and about the birthday boy or girl (regardless of their age).

If you sense that you are not syncing with the audience. Put down the microphone. (Speaking is similar to prospecting. If you don’t strike gold, stop being boring.)

Avoid the following:

  • Revealing anything that would embarrass the guest of honor.
  • Telling a story, regardless of how funny it is, if it would humiliate anyone.
  • Revealing a “secret”.

Be loud enough that everyone can hear you. Speak clearly as your audience is hearing this for the first time.

Have FUN. After all, it is a birthday celebration.

“The Toast”!

Keep in mind that the audience is pulling for you. They want you to succeed and be able to convey your feelings without any awkwardness.

A toast can have a lasting impression and be an appreciated gift to your guest of honor. Don’t waste that opportunity.

A rule of thumb is for your toast to be shorter rather than too long. Less is always better. Did you ever hear someone say: “That toast was too short”.

Smile – Speak – Raise your glass – Drink – Smile – Sit.

You will need to make a thank you or two. Make them as short as possible as they are painful to listen to.

Do your research. Know your audience. Confer with other speakers. 

It’s okay to get semi-personal and talk about hobbies, events, or incidents. Remember the things to avoid above.

Don’t avoid those truly humorous events. Make it a sincere heart-filling story with lots of reminiscences.

You can make your toast a“mini-roast” if the occasion permits. It could provide a life-long memory for the birthday person. Make your delivery with sincerity – the audience will notice.

The “Response”!

Thank those who made the arrangements for this memorable occasion. Thank everyone for showing up to help you celebrate. (briefly as possible)

  • To family who loves me and gave me their support.To friends who stand at my side. Where would we be without our friends?
  • To my many new-found friends.

"50?!" (or whatever age) I demand a recount!

Make a sincere statement. Keep it short to avoid any rambling as emotions tend to cause it.

Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens), at his 70th birthday party described his first birthday. It was very humorous and memorable. You could try that.

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