This Could Make a Difference in Your Life!

Your career and education will often depend on your finances, goals, interests and your college major. Caution! Get the information that you need before you make the decision.

It is likely that, at some point in your life, you will make a significant career change. You may go back to college and obtain an associate degree or bachelor's degree or master's degree, etc.

There are many advantages that accompany more education. You can increase your salary and it may help you find the job you really like. The more subtle benefits are: that you are likely to have better health and are much less likely to be involved in a crime or the victim of crime with more education.

In addition, with a career and education, you are much more likely to have the lifestyle that you want. Your life is likely to be more fulfilled as you achieve each goal and pursue your interests.

You may find that your chosen lifestyle is more in line with your values and, as a result, reduces stress. The right career can do that.

Getting The Right Job or Career Is Important!

As you read other pages on this website you will notice that I believe it is very important to "Know Thyself"In fact, it is imperative. To make the right choice about almost anything, such as a career or mate, it is extremely important to know your skills, interests and values.

No one should even attempt to make an important, life-changing decision without knowing what is important to themselves. Know your personality and skills, desires and preferences, prior to selecting a career path.

Every 15 year old knows quite a bit about themselves. For example, they know if they are rather social or prefer to do things alone. That will make a difference in their career choices. They know if they are good in math and if they have special job skills.

Tests That Can Help Your Career and Education!

Do you know how you learn best? Are you a visual or auditory learner? Some people hear something and know it. Others need to see it to remember it. How do we process things? What is our learning style?

To answer these questions, there are aptitude and personality tests. I believe the personality tests should precede the aptitude tests. ("Know Thyself") The personality test will help you to know how observant you are; whether you're an introvert or extrovert; analytical; or even assertive and much more.

With that determined you can take an aptitude test to verify your personal skills as well as your likes and dislikes. It could identify talents, goals and interests. Are you a leader or a follower or somewhere in between? Are you organized? The answers are available.

It is wise to know the answers to the above questions before you select a career or college major. Do the homework or risk going down the wrong path.

Who Doesn't Want To Make Lots of Money?

It may surprise you that there are many people who are not willing to do what it takes to make lots of money. There are many who graduate from high school and want to leave home as soon as possible and are willing to forego college because they want the "things" that money can buy now.

That's okay. They may be 18 years old, but, they know what they want.

Whatever route a person takes should be preceded with a knowledge about the path that they are about to take. To do that, they should talk to several people who took that career and education path already. They are likely to receive incite and inspiration or cautions and warnings. 

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