This Checklist Will Make Party Planning Easier and You Will Not Forget Anything!

The checklist for a retirement party is to make things easier by listing every aspect of the party, including invitations, decorations, speeches and games.

The first step when planning any party is to determine a budget.  The budget could limit such things as the number of guests, the location and possible the party theme.

Planning a party does not have to be stressful if you have enough reliable help on your party committee.  In fact, the preparation can be fun.  Because your party planning team has many different life experiences, the ideas will begin to flow as you plan.

When your committee meets, assign as many jobs as possible.  It is possible that some members may only be able to handle one or two jobs.  That's okay.

The following list has the major items listed first.  With these completed first, it will minimize your concerns.  Print the list, assign projects and cross them off the list when they are completed. 

Checklist for a Retirement Party  -  Starts Here!

  • Consult with the Retiree regarding a party.  Remember, his or her choice of having a party is important.  Next ask about preferences such as: who to invite, type of party, etc.  His choices may surprise you.  However, if it is a "surprise party", be sure that the retiree isn't against having a retirement party.  A close co-worker or spouse should be able to give you that answer. 
  • Next is the budget.  That will determine so many things such as: the number of guests, the party location, entertainment, invitations, decorations, food and drinks, videographer, etc.
  • Form a party committee.  Help is available, you just need to ask.
  • Who will attend?  Of course, that depends on the budget.  Here is a list of possible guests, beyond co-workers and family: bosses and supervisors, relatives, former co-workers, school friends (grade school and high school and college).  A "mystery guest" is always a great idea.  This could be someone that the retiree has not seen in many years, but was very close to in the past.  If the "mystery guest" is not able to attend, a video with his or her sentiments could be viewed at the party.
  • Someone will need to attend to seating arrangements, place cards and name badges.
  • Secure the location, particularly if it is a busy time of the year with weddings or during the holiday season.  If the party is scheduled for outdoors, have arrangements for inclement weather - such as tents.

Checklist for a Retirement Party - The List Continues!

  • theme party adds that special "something".  There are several themes on this site.
  • Invitations need to provide all the information that a guest will need to attend such as attire, location, etc.  Party planners will need to acquire addresses or email addresses, purchase invitations (or make) and possibly stamps.  A "surprise" party will require a major warning on the invitation.
  • Decorations include balloons, streamers, banners, table centerpieces.  The theme dictates the decorations.
  • Next is the food and drinks.  This is rather simple if the party is at a restaurant or country club.  But, if it is not, you may consider having a bartender to serve drinks.  Arrangements may need to be made for guests with food allergies or special diets.
  • charismatic emcee is an indispensible feature of any party.  Do not underestimate the importance of this component.  It can make an otherwise unsuccessful party a success.  If you have any type of games planned, you may need a "greeter" at the door to guide or instruct the guests as they arrive.
  • Entertainment can consist of musicians, games or a program with speeches and toasts, slides or a power point.
  • Speeches and Toasts are an important part of any retirement party.  Below is a list of the many pages about speeches that are part of this web site.  Look at it - it might help you in your preparation or help others who are giving a speeches. 

Checklist for a Retirement Party  -  The End of the List!

Documenting the party with photos or a video will become a treasured memory for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.  The photos can be placed in a Memory Book and presented (at a later date) to the guest of honor.

video created from years before can also be part of any program.

See Retirement Party Gifts for gift ideas.

Get as many things done before the day of the party as the day-of-the-party will be busy decorating, food preparation and many other last-minute items.

Be sure to plan ahead, get lots of help and have fun at the party!

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