"Golf is a Good Walk Spoiled." MARK TWAIN

A golf theme retirement party provides great opportunities and ideas to make the retiree feel special. It is a once-in-a-lifetime event with speeches and gifts. The honoree may be planning his dream golf trip to Scotland. He may be planning to golf every course within 50 miles of his home.

Sprinkle his party with retirement humor. Make it memorable. Be sure to invite his golf buddies.

Warning: Many golfers have a favorite make of ball and a favorite model in that brand name. "All golf balls are not the same."

Invitations, Decorations and Music

The invitations will alert attendees that they invited to a golf theme retirement party. Suggested attire could be loud and colorful golf shirts and pants.

Consider a putting green contest with prizes for a hole in one. Table cloths could be indoor/outdoor carpeting. Find a green jacket to place on the retiree during a toast or speech. Make him the "Master". Golf theme retirement parties provide a great opportunities for reviews of golf milestones and aspirations.

If you've had a successful theme retirement party, click here to have your success story posted on this website.

Balloons are an inexpensive ways to add color and create a party atmosphere. There are balloons available with golf images. Balloons with lights inside can brighten a dark corner of the room. Balloons that look like a golf ball are also available.

A banner stating: "John's Officially a Senior Golfer" 

Music adds a mood to any party. Select music that the retiree will enjoy. It is his or her party - so their preferences come first.

Don't forget to have a "sign in book" suitable for writing a short story or memorable occasion that the guest enjoyed with the honoree.

Speeches and Toasts and Food

One of the keys to any successful retirement party is the person in charge of the program. Find a "master of ceremonies" who is outgoing and fun-loving. He can give a speech and/or introduce other speakers. His ability to ad-lib and find humor is indispensible. 

Speakers should have something prepared. Few speakers are good without preparation. Too long of a speech is much worse than too short.

Ask the attendees some questions. "What do you think his lowest score was?" "Highest?" "Worst or best golf experience."

A slideshow of golf outings through the years would be entertaining. Narration by a fellow golfer should recall some humorous incidents.

It has been said that a golf theme retirement party is only as good as the food. You do not have to believe that. You could serve the same type of food that is available at the golf course - hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, beer and soda.

Spell the retirees name on the cake with golf tees. The table centerpiece could be a bowl or vase filled with golf balls.

Remember to balance the humor so that the honoree is not offended. Make him the butt of some jokes and list golf accomplishments also. Mention the three balls in the water at hole #10 as well as the hole-in-one.

A putting contest might be fun!

Video and Photos

The ideal highlight of a golf theme retirement party could be a video of the retiree at a golf outing. If the event was many years ago, that is even better.

A photo display of the golfer creates an opportunity for attendees who do not know each other to discuss the photos. They do not need to be golf related. Childhood photos of the retiree create interesting conversations.

Hire a photographer to capture memorable moments. Or solicit someone to get photos of all of the guests. Consider having a golf theme retirement party at a golf club.

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