Definition Of a Good Parent Is...

Good parents should teach their children how to make wise choices and give them advice. The choices that they make will affect how they do in school and the remainder of their lives.

Most people name their parents when asked who influenced them the most. As a child, I observed the parenting style of my friend's parents. Some yelled, belittled and expressed their superior intelligence. Others were permissive and uninterested or overprotective.

The most disturbing were those who wanted to be their kid's best friend rather than their parent. They failed dramatically as they shirked their responsibility to be a parent and their children suffered.

What Is a Good Parent?

Good parents teach their children how to behave and how to make good choices. They teach them how to prioritize their choices and implement them. They teach them how to make decisions that will positively affect their future.

Good parenting requires lots of challenges, work, planning, consistent discipline and love. For these reasons, only a few parents are truly good parents.

Good parents will teach their children to be ambitious and productive. They know that young people with a good "work ethic" do better in school and life. Their child's future is likely to be full of successes and accomplishments.

Good Choices Make a Child Happier and More Successful!

The choices that children make will have consequences. The good choices will have positive consequences. The bad choices will have negative results. For example, if a new driver is reckless, the result could be paralysis or death.

There are countless choices that we make every day. Even failure to make a choice is a choice. Every child is and will become a product of the choices that he makes.

Many choices are made in what I consider the most important ten year period of our lives. That period is between ages 15 and 25. During this time, we make lots of choices.

Think about any ten people that you know. Is that the situation for most of them? If that is true, it would be wise to put more emphasis on that period of time in every young person's life.

During those ten years, a person does the following:

  • Experiments socially.
  • Gets married.
  • Chooses a career path.
  • Learns to deal with finances.
  • Buys a car.
  • Tries various jobs.
  • Makes mistakes.
  • Pursues higher education.

If a person can control what happens during those 10 years, their long-term future could very good. But, if there is reckless disregard during that period, it could have negative effects for the remainder of their life.

Most parents do have an influence over the choices that their children make.

Let's List The Things That a Good Parents Do!

Helping a child make positive choices is so basic that it supersedes every other parental obligation. It is likely to result in a better life, a happy marriage and more successes than would otherwise occur.

Here is a list of the many things that good parents do:

  • Listen when their children have problems.
  • Talk every day about the events of the day.
  • Make reasonable rules, explain them clearly and enforce them.
  • Be consistent.
  • Provide order in their child's life - with boundaries and regular bedtimes.
  • Teach their children what is right and wrong.
  • Become a role model; teaching their children to be independent.
  • Encourage healthy eating habits and exercise.
  • Allow their children to make mistakes.
  • A parent's goal is to become dispensable. So that their child no longer needs them. 

What Can Parents Do To Help Their Children Succeed In School?

Read to them. Teach them to read. Ask the child to read to the parent. Keep a variety of books available for the child to read. Encourage children to write a story and have them read it to you.

Parents should be involved in the academic lives of their children. Attending Parent-Teacher Conferences is extremely important. If time permits, volunteer at their school.

Teach the child that homework is a priority. This is another way to reinforce a "work ethic". Another priority is organizational and study skills. Parents who teach these skills are more likely to have happier and better students.

Learn about the disciplinary policies of the school, such as cheating, fighting, weapons and bullying. There are consequences to these activities. Talking about them might be very helpful for some students.

Parents need to realize that school behavior and behavior at home can be changed. It requires patience and time, but it can change. It is vitally important to each child's future that they be held accountable for their actions.

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