It Is a Way of Life!  Often - How We Are Perceived!

Home organization tips are suppose to help people. But, some people don't want help. They enjoy their "busy" or "cluttered" homes. Organization would be an intrusion. That's okay.

I grew up in a home that was clean and organized. That's probably why I like fresh and tidy. Maybe those who grew up in a cluttered home like it that way. There is no reason to read more on this page if you enjoy "clutter".

I will discuss home organization tips, but I must preface it with these comments. Organization is a mindset - a way of life. If it's not for you - okay. For those of us that realize what organization can do for us, read on for some useful suggestions.

Perceived Home Organization Truths

  • A cluttered, disorganized home is difficult to clean and often left unkempt.
  • Marital strife sometimes occurs when spouses have different views on tidiness in their home.
  • There are some people who believe they are short of counter and cabinet space, and have too few closets. When they move to a larger home with more of everything, they continue to have too little space. Hmmm!
  • I believe it is not the amount of room, but their need to fill the space.
  • Home organization is recommended only for those people who want the benefits that it provides. Proponents grasp the benefits and refuse to give them up.

Anti-Organization Thoughts!

  • Opponents of orderliness will argue that it is just too much regimentation. It is too high a price to pay just to be more productive. Even the increase in productivity is challenged.
  • Any time expended looking for misplaced items is not considered lost time or stressful. It is offset by the time required to be organized.
  • Having a "things to do list" that is prioritized or an uncluttered desk would impinge on their freedom. It's a waste of their time to be organized or to be required to focus on one thing at a time.
  • They profess that it is not "clutter" or disorganization to them. They know where everything is.
  • While in high school, I heard a motivational speech by Earl Nightengale. In that speech he said, "You are where you are, because that is exactly where you want to be - whether you will admit it or not". That would apply to both organized and disorganized people.

Here Are a Ten Home Organization Tips

  • Does your home seem to be getting smaller or is there just more "stuff" in it? Closets and cabinets are full. Kitchen counters are cluttered. No more room is available on basement shelves. The garage is disaster.

  • Check kitchen drawers and cabinets for items not used in the past year or duplicates. 
  • Any items that have sentimental value and cannot be discarded can be put in a box and labeled. If something is of sentimental value and you are willing to give it away, take a picture of it, so that an image can be remembered. Place the photo in a special "memory book".
  • Clothes in closets and dressers that have not been worn in a year can be given to Goodwill. They will not be stylish again.
  • Put valuable papers in a fireproof safe. Safes are not expensive.
  • Clear your desk or work area every night. Prepare for the next day with that day's "Things to Do List".
  • Items that you are unsure if you can part with can be placed in a box with a "discard date" on the box. Seal it with tape. When that date arrives discard the box without opening it if you had no need to open by that date.
  • Store records and tax returns in boxes in an area that is dry and safe.
  • If you were a disorganized, it may help to keep a "junk drawer" for old time sake.
  • The final Home Organization tip is: Do Not Re-Clutter.

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