I Don’t Think There Is A Better Way To Memorize!

Learning how to memorize a speech is work - unless you have the formula. These tips will teach you how to write and deliver a persuasive and informative speech.

Most people find it hard to give a speech. One way to make it easier is to memorize the speech knowing that you will deliver it flawlessly. It is work, but it is worth it.

A memorized speech, with correct pauses (important in any speech) and inflections, can be impressive. It will require preparation, but your grade (in school) or your job could be affected.

These tips and suggestions will work – I know. I have used them.

I decided to memorize, the arguably, best speech ever given –The Gettysburg Address. It is not long, but the speech patterns of 150 years ago are a bit different. I used almost all of the tips described below.

In 7th grade I also memorized and recently re-memorized the poem “IF”, by Rudyard Kipling. When in grade school, the teacher asked a question (during a discussion period) about the poem, I recited the entire poem. That memorization impressed the teacher and the class.

You, too, can be impressive by following the suggestions below. Use the tips that work for you.

Tips One and Two!

Tip One: Type that which you will memorize. Read it aloud and focus on the words and their meanings. Make corrections and understand, from the listener’s point of view, ever concept. Do not proceed until you really like the speech. Insert pauses and inflections for emphasis.

Tip Two: Record the speech on your computer or a tape recorder. Play it over and over while doing some other preparations such as your power point of presentation, posters, or visual aids. Divide the speech into segments. Master (memorize) one segment before going on to the next.

Try writing down key words while listening. It can be reinforcing and embed the concept in your brain. By using two senses, sight and hearing, you will be better able to absorb the information.

Memorizing “chunks” will save time and help.

Tips Three and Four!  -  How to Memorize a Speech!

Tip Three: When all segments are memorized and the visual aids have been completed – Practice, Practice, Practice. Use the segments together.

Visualize the words. It will help to remember them. It will also help at the delivery and reinforce the memorization.

Tip Four: Set your computer to repeat all segments throughout the night (optional). That could keep the words from slipping your mind.

Tips Five, Six and Seven!

Tip Five: Practice in front of a mirror for 30 minutes in the morning. Go through the entire speech as often as possible.

Picture yourself delivering the speech.

Focus on the words. That will help when facing the audience.

Tip Six: Transfer the speech from your computer to an ipod or a recorder and listen when possible. Work on segments as necessary. Try pacing as you recite. (Do not pace during the speech.)

Tip Seven: Deliver the speech. Be yourself. Be relaxed. Enjoy. The preparation is over.

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