Relax and Enjoy.  It's a Party!

More retirement party games should provide many options for your celebration.  Sometimes the party is the gift, other times a heartfelt speech is the gift that will never be forgotten.

Games can make the party more enjoyable, lighten the mood and insure that everyone has a good time.  The game, however, must be centered on the guest of honor.  Violation of this simple rule, I believe, is inappropriate.

All of the games listed below have the retiree as the center of attention.  Games are good for laughs and may be a necessary component for a successful party.  Humor is also a necessary ingredient for a retirement party.  It can be introduced via various speeches or by a charismatic emcee.

There are three keys to success for any retirement party:

A talented emcee will do more for a party than any other entity.  I cannot over-emphasize this.  The charisma of the emcee will create an atmosphere that cannot be replaced by speeches or games.

If you combine a funny, captivating and magnetic emcee with games and quality speeches, you will have a great retirement party.  Also, party games get individuals to mingle with other guests.

Having a party theme is the third ingredient.  The theme starts with the invitations and carries through the decorations, the program, the dinner and even the center pieces on each table. 

More Retirement Party Games!

Some of these games will require some preparation.  Start early to maximize your success.

Two Truths and a Lie should be considered as a lead party game.  It features the retiree as few other games do.  It could also be called:  "How Well Do You Know (name)?"

Uncommonly known facts about the retiree are offered in a slide or power point presentation.  The facts can include family stories, names of children, hobbies, favorite foods, a most interesting vacation, places lived, eye color, famous friends, high school or college attended, false statements (mixed in), etc.

Groups of three or sides of the room or men against the women can be used to form the groups.  Usually it is more fun in groups as guests get to know each other.  The winner is the group that gets the most answers correct.  

Word of Wisdom requires a minimum of preparation.  The beginning words of a poems are written on a sheet of paper or index card.  Guests are asked to fill in their own sentiments.  During the program, the emcee reads the various sentiments.  The retiree could be asked who he thinks wrote the sentiment. 

Get to Know the Other Guests is a game or activity that I came up with.  Each guest as they enter is given a playing card.  The guests are encouraged to mingle until they find a guest with a card that is identical to theirs.  

More Retirement Party Games!

Memory Bank:  Guests write down (on an index card) an interesting or humorous story about the retiree.  The emcee invites each guest with the most interesting stories to tell the audience.  If a microphone is available, use it. 

Picture Board:  A poster board of pictures of the retiree (and possibly others at the party) is placed in a prominent place where all guests will see it.  It might be a good idea to promote it as a contest for the guests. 

Each photo has a number on it.  The guests are asked to identify who is in the photo and their age (in the photo).  Most or all of the photos must be of the retiree.

This could, also, be a slide or power point presentation with the audience guessing the retiree's age before he or she reveals his or her age in the picture.

Magazine or Newspaper Pictures with Captions:  Turn humorous clips into a funny presentation by placing a photo of the face of the retiree over the face of the person in the clip.  Then write a caption or story about it.  Appropriate music may accompany the presentation. 

Clock Smashing:  An alarm clock can be placed in a cloth bag and the retiree can destroy it with a hammer as it is no longer of any value to him.

The Roast:  See Roast Theme.

Final Words Regarding More Retirement Party Games!

The purpose of this website is to give you ideas for your retirement party and retirement life.

Be creative.  Use the ideas on this page to create your own unique game.  See Retirement Party Themes and Retirement Party Games for more ideas. 

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