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More retirement party ideas will provide more themes, poems, toasts and speeches. It is my hope that you will get many ideas for decorations and party foods from this page. 

To insure that the party is a success, start at least six weeks before the selected date. Recruit family, friends and co-workers to help with the preparation. Solicit suggestions for the guest list.

Remember, retirement is a big deal for the retiree and his family - and maybe for those co-workers that are left behind. It is the end of a career and the beginning of a new chapter in his or her life.

Having a retirement party is a great way for everyone to show their appreciation to the retiree. The party can be a simple lunch or drinks after work or a celebration on a Saturday night.

I believe that most people would prefer an informal party rather than a more formal celebration.

Include the length of the party, food to be served and any gift requests on the invitation. A caricature of the retiree is a nice touch on the invitation.

Note: Remember to include contact information, in the invitation, if the retiree is moving.

More Retirement Party Ideas - THEMES!

Depending on the guest of honor's personality, a Roast Retirement Party can be lots of fun for everyone. This will require a capable emcee to insure that it is a "gentle roast" and the right balance of "jabs" and "accolades".

Guests are asked to answer the following question: "What will the retiree be doing after s/he no longer goes to work?" What is on the retiree's "Bucket List"? The emcee reads the answers and awards a prize to the most creative or funniest.

Another theme idea is to highlight the year that the retiree was hired. Do this with the appropriate decorations and have party guests reflect the year in their outfits or clothing. The decorations could include images of movies, cars and events of the era.

I know this one works. The emcee asks if there is anyone who would like to make a brief comment. The answers are likely to range from: "the first impression when meeting the retiree" to "ways of dealing with his quirks" to "what the young children will say". Art Linkletter build a career on: "Kids Say the Darndest Things". 

Ask certain guests if they would like to give a short speech or tribute at the party. This should be done with a phone call by the host or hostess.

  • Casino Night
  • 50's, 60's or 70's

Other theme ideas are:

  • All guest dress the way the guest of honor dressed for work. (Assuming the retiree has a distinctive way of dressing)
  • "This Is Your Life"
  • "Hawaiian Luau Party"
  • Trivia Party based on the retiree's life.
  • "Things That Don't Work Anymore"

More Retirement Party Ideas - Decorations & Videos!

Decorations and food should be part of any party. Use streamers and balloons to create the atmosphere of fun. Each table could be decorated with a theme that illustrates a different role that the retiree served on the job or in his non-work life, such as hobbies. 

Here are some video ideas that can be used at a retirement party.

  • Scan photos taken over the entire lifetime of the retiree and show them as a continuous loop at the party. Could do the same with work history photos. Guests can try to guess when the photo was taken.
  • Co-workers and/or family could have several skits videoed to be shown as part of a program.
  • Video a two minute farewell message from co-workers that the retiree was closest to.
  • Video guests on arrival, asking them how the guest of honor influenced or changed their life. Include that information on the invitation so that guests will be prepared. It could be shown as part of a program or just presented as a gift to the retiree.

Create several magazine photos with the head of the retiree superimposed over the face in photo. Make humorous captions for the retiree's voice as in a cartoon. This could be hilarious as part of a program.

Make a book of 8 x 10 photos from different periods in the life of the retiree. Invite guests to write a personal note on the flip side of the photo page closest to the time they knew him or her.

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