There Are Lots of People Who Enjoy This Process!

Life is full of negotiating tactics. Whether we are buying a car, settling a debt, or going for a salary increase, we are applying negotiating strategies.

Negotiations require a dialogue whereby differences are resolved and understandings are reached until an agreement is produced. Obviously this occurs every day in business, legal proceedings, and even parenting. We are constantly making deals (sometimes with ourselves).

It happens when we buy a car or home. It happens when we haggle over a price at a garage sale.

One Party Tries To Gain An Advantage!

Skillful negotiators know all the tactics. Some are very subtle. But, the objective is the same - to gain an advantage. They may play on one's emotions or apply a form of pressure to get the deal done.

There are names for many of the common negotiating tactics, such as: "bait and switch", "low balling", or "red herring". Often, negotiators will use ultimatums or deadlines to facilitate a deal. Delay tactics include: "I need to run this past my boss" or "I need to discuss this with my husband".

Many tactics are acceptable. But, some are not. Negotiating in "bad faith" is unacceptable. These people have no intention of compromising. Another tactic is called the "good guy - bad guy". One negotiator seems extreme and unreasonable while a second seems reasonable and rational. The counter tactic for this is to ignore it.

Often a written contract is presented. Keep in mind that just because it is in print does not mean that it cannot be changed. I often cross out anything that I cannot agree to.

Skilled negotiators will watch body language. You too can watch for lack of "eye contact" or crossed arms and legs that usually mean an unwillingness to negotiate.

Some Personalities Do Not To Negotiate!

To use negotiating tactics effectively, you must enjoy the process. I do. I enjoy buying a car, for example.

Some personalities do not like conflict - and there are differences (conflicts to  overcome) when negotiating. To be successful in these situations, it is necessary to focus on the problem. Forget about motives or intentions. Learn to separate facts from feelings.

A person that is timid or worried about what others are thinking about them or the situation will not be able to keep their eye on the "prize". The prize is getting the intended result.

The skilled negotiator never gets bogged down with "feelings". They have a list of the "pros" and "cons". They know what the number one item on their list is and they understand that they must get it. They have a list of priorities and will most often not go on to the second until they get the first.

There are two negotiating tactics that must always be used:

  1. Silence. It can be a powerful tool. Use it. When a critical point has been made, wait until your adversary speaks. They will. And they are likely to give some concessions.
  2. Always be polite. I have seen people get upset and resort to rude, foul-mouthed rants that are predictably unproductive. 

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