Politicians Do This Routinely!

A persuasive speech must be about a topic that you’re passionate about. It requires proper preparation, good content, and it needs to be informative.

Trying to be persuasive requires a topic that is “near and dear” to your heart. If that is not the case, don’t attempt it.

You will need to impact your audience with your passion about the topic and your position on the subject. Be convincing and fervent and enthusiastic. Without those obvious qualities, your persuasive speech will fail.

A persuasive topic should impact your audience. It should excite you to be able to deliver it. Deliver it with enthusiasm.

Try to create a mental picture for your audience. Provoke the listeners and try to stir up their emotions. It is not necessary to denigrate the opposing point of view.

Persuasive Speech Topics That I Am Passionate About!

Too Much Money Is A Bad Thing.

Pro: We all know that money is the root of all evil, but so is lack of money. It is not money, but how we choose to use it. Proper use of money is the key. It is an incentive to work hard in a capitalistic society.

Con: Greed is the human frailty that potentially affects everyone who encounters it. Who wouldn’t want to win the lottery?

College Is A Good Thing For Anyone.

Pro: Education is good. It enables us to compete for jobs, positions, and a higher salary.

Con: Not everyone is the same. Some people should be in trades or just do not excel in college. Yes, it can be a stepping stone, but millions are financially successful and happy without completing a college education.

The United States Should Continue Foreign Aid.

Pro: Foreign aid is less expensive than wars. It helps allies and promotes United States relationships.

Con: It’s okay when all of our nation’s needs are met, but it is not okay when we have deficits and needs within our country. We actually borrow money from China and return a portion of it as “free” foreign aid.

Saving Is Always A Positive Thing.

Pro: Retirement without savings requires that the retirees live in poverty. Proper saving can result in retiring with $1 million. Most people purchase “stuff” then eventually discard it at a “garage sale”.

Con: Most people are living month-to-month.

People Should Remain Married For Life.

Pro: Family stability depends on it. The more families that end up in divorce, the less likely that children will have a secure childhood.

Con: Unfortunately people change or revert back to ways of the past. As people live longer, travel increases, and jobs change more often (times change), life styles (including divorce) need to be modified.

Grades Based On Performance versus Grades Based On Effort.

Pro: In the “real world” one’s pay is based on performance. That is their grade. Doing it differently in school does not prepare one for the “real world”.

Con: Not everyone performs identically. Therefore, grading one based on effort put forth seems reasonable.

SAT and ACT Grades Can Predict Success In College and Life.

Pro: Scores on these examinations are accurate predictors of college grades. There may be exceptions, but not many. College acceptance committees depend on these grades (among other things).

Con: SAT and ACT scores are a better indicator of high school successes. Students are still in the formative years and may get serious about their career choices and college after the fun years of being a teenager.

What Are The Qualities Of a Hero?

Pro: A hero can be anyone who performs an act deemed heroic. It could be a fireman who saves a child from being killed in a fire.

Con: Heroes are not people who are doing their job – that is what they are paid to do. True heroes go beyond what can reasonably be expected of them. They risk their lives to save others.

Religion Is Better Than Science.

Pro: God created the world. He instilled intelligence in our scientists.

Con: Science is fact. Religion is belief.

Credit Cards and College Students.

Pro: If college students are old enough to be on their own and able to defend our country, they are certainly old enough to have a credit card.

Con: A tool, such as a credit card, must be used after proper instructions. If the student has not had the proper training, it can be a dangerous tool.

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