To Be Successful, You Must Know Thyself!

There are many ways to prepare for success. But, only one way to achieve it. I will discuss the secret to success and the definition of success.

The way to achieve success is to first, Know ThySelf. There is nothing more important than this.


Here are several questions that you must ask yourself:

  • Am I organized? Do I have a To-Do-List every day? How likely am I to complete the list?
  • Am I goal-oriented? Do I set goals and reach them? Do I enjoy accomplishing goals?
  • Do I prefer a 9 to 5 job or is it okay to be available 24/7?
  • Do I have imagination and act on those thoughts?
  • Am I able to get rid of any limiting beliefs?
  • Do I really enjoy my successes enough to pursue others?
  • How likely am I able to solve real problems? Am I decisive and have real problem-solving skills?
  • Do I doubt my abilities or press on despite my shortcomings?
  • Do I tend to worry if the stakes are high?
  • Do I listen to people who don’t already have what I am striving for?
  • Do I have a healthy dose of curiosity?
  • Do I strive to get better every day?
  • Do I have an appreciation of reality and stay grounded, yet willing to seek a dream?

These are just a few sample questions to help you know yourself. You could also ask your friends if they are willing to list your strengths and weaknesses.

Your ability to be successful at anything requires a lot of introspective inquiring.

To prepare for success, you will need to position yourself to be successful. Without answers to the above questions and many more, that would not be possible. You, and only you, can do this.

To Prepare for Success Is Hard!

Of course, it is hard. If it was easy, everyone would reap the rewards that are bestowed on successful people. The fact that it is hard is to your advantage. You can do it. Others choose not to.

In sports, there is always someone better waiting in the wings. Records are broken and new stars are born. It is the same in our quest to be successful. But, you do not need to be among the best to be successful - as it is in sports. The difference between failure and success is much more manageable.

You need to do things daily that will improve your future and practice them daily. Keep a positive attitude and continue to improve your skills. It is a very practical approach.

If you fear that you are not preparing adequately, try to get rid of those fears – unless they are justified. If they are not warranted, get beyond them.

Preparing for the worst is not a waste of time. In fact, it is an approach practiced routinely by the Green Berets (U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers).

They focus on every possible mishap that can occur before they plan the positive side of their mission. They know that good and bad things happen. So, prepare for both.

If you are mentally and technically prepared with true and useful information, you will prevail.

“Most people have the will to win, few have the will to prepare to win.” BOBBY KNIGHT (former Indiana basketball coach)

What Is the Definition of Success?

First, success is a choice. It is hard to be successful, so you must choose to do the work required. Success is different for each of us. We choose our level of success.

Can a teacher or a nurse be successful? Of course, successfulness is not limited to certain professions. The best of the best become Teacher of the Year or Nurse of the Year.

Earl Nightengale describes success as “the realization of a worthy ideal”. That means you set a goal and achieve it. You decide where the path you choose begins and ends.

Keep in mind that success doesn’t just show up. You’ve got to dream about it and chase it. You need to be determined and expend some energy. Gradually, one step at a time, you will get closer to your goal.

"I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed." MICHAEL JORDAN

What Is the Role of Self-confidence?

There is no question about it, self-confidence is important. Lack of it will result in failure. Can it be learned? Yes. More importantly, we are born with lots of it.

The average child believes that he/she is the center of the universe. His world revolves around him. We are merely a part of his world. He does not lack self-confidence.

So, any lack of self-esteem develops later. Certainly, when a one-year-old is learning to walk he will persist even after failing dozens of times. He does not lack self-confidence. It is later in life when we start to compare ourselves to others, that we start to lose our self-confidence.

What we really need is some balance between low self-esteem and over confidence. We need a realistic self-confidence. It must be based in reality and your own true abilities.

Set easy goals. Achieve them. Move on to a harder goal. Achieve it. That is how we prepare for success.

"Every strike brings me closer to the next home run." BABE RUTH

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