Great Gift Ideas!

Retirement gifts are an integral part of the party. This page will link you to several sites that have a huge assortment of gifts. No gifts or individual or gag gifts are also an option. 

Generic Gifts

There are great suggestions for gifts on this page. The host can ask the guests to contribute to a single gift from everyone.

I will list the gifts that I believe are the most interesting or appropriate. My purpose is to give you ideas. You know the retiree. Get creative.

  • Gift certificates to a bookstore, movie theater or fitness club
  • Magazine subscription
  • Universal remote for the TV
  • Retirement book
  • Wine or fruit basket

Giving a meaningful gift requires that it is something that the recipient needs, wants or will use. It should be related to his or her interests or hobbies.

Autobiographical Gifts

  • "Do It Yourself Autobiographic Book" (Fill in the 201 questions that are asked)
  • "My Life Story Book" (Fill in a lifetime diary)
  • Memory Book (See Retirement Party Checklist)

Personalized Gifts

  • Plague containing a memorable poem or quote, letter, or description of a memorable event.
  • Caricature (hand drawn from a photo)
  • Beer Mug, wall clock, pen set or golf balls
  • Magazine cover featuring the retiree

Personalized Levitating Globe (Magnetic energy holds the globe in place between the metal arm and the wood base.)

Hobby or Special Interest Gift

  • Golf or automobile gps
  • Season tickets to a sporting event (or a couple of tickets to a game or two)
  • Special antique for the "antique lover"
  • Monogrammed luggage for the traveler
  • Special Cuff Links (and a shirt to put them on)

Other Ideas

Gag gifts are an option. A tee shirt or bumper sticker that reads: "Things That Won't Work". There are many gag gifts to choose from at any party supply store.

For the adventurous retiree schedule a parachute jump as President Bush the Elder did.

The party itself can be a retirement gift. Donations to the honoree's favorite charity is a wonderful gift. If the retiree is amenable to a gift, he or she might have a suggestion. A gift from all of the guests should be considered, if an expensive gift is chosen.

Selecting gifts, particularly retirement gifts, can be difficult. Seek the advice of friends and family members.

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