Guarantee the Success of Your Party!

Retirement party entertainment can guarantee the success of your party. Besides having music, you can hire an emcee, a deejay, magicians and a videographer.

Professional entertainers can transform a dull party into a fun event for all of the guests. Suppose you are in charge and have a handsome budget (or maybe unlimited budget). What would you do to make the party a success?

There would be music, of course. But after that, would you hire a professional emcee (brief him or her extensively about your guests)? What else would you do to ensure that the party was enjoyed by everyone?

Here are some suggestions.

Suggestions Galore!

Music creates an atmosphere, often times, when there is none. It can be a loud band for dancing or the background music of a harp – or anything in between. Be sure to let your musicians know to play very softly (or stop) during the obligatory speeches.

An emcee is a “must” at any party. H/she controls the event. He can be prominent or just surface from time to time. Choose a co-worker who enjoys being in the spotlight and has the “gift of gab”. Or hire a professional.

One of my first professional choices is a magician. There is only one way to know how good he is and that is to view him in action – a couple of times. He can perform a stage act or stroll about the audience performing illusions– or both.

Next on my list is a videographer. He can interview guests on a video that is given to the retiree and/or it can be played as part of the party. A photographer also provides a nice touch that can be similarly viewed.

A caricature artist is always a popular attraction. Free portraits can be given to the guests that are willing to sit for the artist for few minutes.

Another well-liked event is a casino night. Guest can choose to participate or just mingle with other guests. Typically this includes roulette, blackjack, a poker table and a money wheel.

Stage hypnosis is also entertaining. The hypnotist finds susceptible subjects to provide about one-half hour of amusement.

Strolling jugglers can provide interesting activities for small groups. This also can easily become a stage act if the circumstances allow.

Comedians require the full audience’s attention as comedy involves laughter that is so much better with many viewers.

Outdoor Retirement Party Entertainment!

An outdoor environment allows certain forms of entertainment that are not possible indoors – such as a “dunk tank”.

Acrobatics and gymnastics are possible. This, of course, requires lots of room. And there are safety concerns.

Use your imagination to create a fun-filled retirement party that provides diversions and interests for all of your guests.

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