Parties and Games Work Well Together!

Retirement party games can be fun and interject humor. There are a several games described here, such as "retirement trivia", that will enliven your party.

At any party, the objective is for everyone to have a good time. To be a successful party, guests must get involved in the activities.

Depending on the sense of humor of the retiree, it may be acceptable to gently poke fun at the guest of honor. Remember to keep it tasteful and accentuate the retiree's positive qualities, too.

By the end of this page you will have lots of great game ideas. Use your imagination. Be creative. Modify any of the game recommendations to suit your needs.

There is one major requirement to having a successful retirement party. It is to select the right person to be the emcee. He or she must enjoy entertaining people and making them laugh. It is a skill that few people have. Find the best one that you can.

Getting People Involved!

Of course, a roast theme is always great for retirement parties. Another game that creates laughter is some form of "Retiree Trivia". This will require some preparation, but it is worth it.

You can form teams or just have ladies against men or divide the room into half. Making it a contest adds to the fun.

Here is one form of trivia to use as a retirement party game. Collect some facts about the retiree:

  • Year retiree joined company
  • Number of bosses that he had
  • Age of the company
  • Largest sale by retiree
  • Funny incidents
  • First copy machine
  • Hobbies
  • Places lived (dorm, apartment, cities)
  • Favorite foods
  • College attended
  • Famous friends
  • Interesting vacations

Each team is given the option to give the first answer. After that answer is given another team gives an answer and so on. The retiree gives the correct answer (if he or she knows).

There are likely to be some "inside jokes"  and humorous stories that surface. Have a token prize for the winning team.

Adding some false statements or multiple choice answers could create another type of trivia game.

Family and Former Co-works Can Provide Needed Information!

Another variation could be a take-off on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" in which a pre-arranged co-conspirator is selected via several questions with only that person knowing the answers. Then a scripted set of questions and answers can be used create the entertainment. This requires two very talented people.

Be sure to invite former co-workers. Not only will the retiree enjoy seeing them, but they could provide information prior to the party that would add to the fun. Perhaps there was a favorite secretary or employee in the past.

Family members can also provide information that even close co-workers don't know.

If the budget allows, hire a videographer to document the event.

There Is No Stopping Those With Talent!

A talented emcee could carry the program on his shoulders by interviewing several guests while the audience watches him dig for humorous behavior. He could ask the retiree's wife about (somewhat embarrassing) food choices or idiosyncrasies.

A slide show or "power point" presentation with photos of the retiree's childhood, high school, and beyond is always a hit. The audience could be asked to guess the retiree's age (in the photo). Photos at work and on vacations should be available.

Another fun retirement party game is to secure quotes that the retiree has stated. Mix those with two or three similar or even dissimilar quotes. Ask the audience to identify the correct quote.

Do You Really Know This Person?

Another similar, but fun game is (I'll call it) "How well do you know this gal?" Several true statements are mixed in with fictitious statements. The audience is asked to identify the true statement.

Time To Get Serious!

There should always be time for a few, short, sincere messages from people whose life the guest of honor has influenced or, in some way, changed. It is okay if these messages bring a momentary tear to the retiree.

Keep in mind that the party has a sad element to it, but it is also a joyous occasion. It is the beginning of a new adventure - a new beginning. A time of doing whatever the retiree chooses to do.

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