It Is Not About Gifts Though! 
It’s About Having Fun At a Party!

Retirement party gifts are an integral part of the party as are speeches. Here is a list of examples. Your gift could be a gag gift, a memory book or a group gift.

There is a controversy about gifts at a retirement party. Some say it is a celebration of one of life's transitions and no gifts are necessary. Others say it is as mandatory as the proverbial "gold watch".

Check with a spouse or family member or friends to insure that the gift is something that will be enjoyed and used. This will result in a gift that is truly treasured.

Everyone eventually retires. A retirement party is a great way to celebrate the occasion.

A gift is an important part of the party. A huge gift could be a cruise package or trip to a favorite destination. Smaller gifts could be tickets to a sporting event or even a dinner gift certificate.

I will provide a list of gifts that should provide some meaningful “leads” for you. For example, a golfer may enjoy a new set of golf clubs or a golf GPS. A photographer is likely to get a great deal of pleasure from his "dream" camera.

These are expensive retirement party gifts and are typically given as a "group gift" coordinated by someone on the retirement party committee. The advantage of the "group gift" is that it will be cherished and used.

Remember, meaningful gifts require that it is something that the recipient needs, wants or will use. It should be related to his or her interests or hobbies.

The atmosphere at a retirement party can vary depending on whether it is a forced retirement due to downsizing or a much desired and anticipated retirement. Regardless of the circumstances, always keep the party attitude positive and upbeat.

Gift Idea List!

  • A plague with the major accomplishments during the working years.
  • A caricature drawing by a professional artist. (from a photo)
  • Monogrammed luggage.
  • A tandem skydiving adventure. (Similar to President Bush – the Elder)
  • A gift certificate for dinner at a favorite restaurant.
  • Hobby related gift.
  • An invitation to all future work parties.
  • A “This is Your Life” book as part of a “This is Your Life” party.
  • A coffee table book of special interest to the retiree.
  • A new set of golf clubs (recommended by his golf pro instructor).
  • A specialized fishing pole (chosen with "inside" information).
  • An iPad or other reading device.
  • Tennis or cooking lessons.
  • A gift card for use anywhere.
  • Gag gifts (a cane, adult diapers, an old hearing aid).
  • A name plate to attach to the butt of each golf club.
  • A fruit or gift basket.
  • Wine or beer glass set.
  • Personalized money clip.
  • Juniper bonsai.
  • Personalized golf towel.
  • Cuff links (personalized).
  • A subscription to a favorite magazine.
  • A "Memory Book" with years of working photos (available from Shutterfly).
  • A novelty clock with bird chimes on the hour for the bird watcher.

For more ideas check the internet for retirement party gifts or just retirement gifts.

Special Circumstances Require Special Retirement Party Gifts!

Sometimes retirement is forced by company downsizing or health issues. We all need to be respectful and cognizant of these circumstances.

What type of gift does one get for their teacher or their boss. Often an inexpensive gift is the best, that is, a card thanking them for all of their help and encouragement. The card, if it is from the heart, will be greatly appreciated and remembered more than some memento or trinket. It will let them know that they will be missed. 

I consider a good gift to be something that I probably would not get for myself, but would truly enjoy.

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