Humor Takes Our Mind Off Of Our Troubles!

Good humor is priceless. It is all around us - if we look for it. We see it at the office, with senior citizens, or in our children.

In general, humor need not be explained. It is obvious. However, some of us don't see things the way it is intended that we should. That is when we say, "I don't get it".

Not only should a joke not be explained (unless we "don't get it"), it should not be dissected. If a joke is dissected - it dies.

Humor is designed to amuse the listener. It should produce spontaneous laughter.

There are individuals who are just funny. They are able to combine ridiculousness with wit. They are also popular. Who would you rather be around, a witty person or the guy who always seems to be depressed?

Types Of Humor!

It is likely that you prefer one type of humor over other types. Don Rickles, for example, had a type of humor that most people enjoyed. That is why he had a successful career.

Of course, some people are naturally funny. They have impeccable timing and know exactly when to interject some humor.

The most popular people are able to see the absurd situations in our day-to-day lives and then laugh about it. They should also be able to be serious about life when that is appropriate.

Trying to be funny can backfire. The guy that tries to make a joke about everything is likely to not be as popular as he thinks he is. So, timing is important in humor.

You will recognize the following types of humor:

  • Deadpan - the jokester delivers a funny line without cracking a smile.
  • Gross jokes - funny people don't need this type to be funny.
  • Self-deprecating - to be used in small doses unless you are a professional (Example: Chris Farley).
  • Slapstick - extreme physical activity, without real injury, as comedy.
  • Wittiness - subtle and unique awareness of a situation.
  • Jokes at another person's expense - these jokes are seldom funny. They can be described as teasing, bullying, or just mean.

Humor should not be overdone. It is always wise to allow others to be funny - unless you are on stage as a comedian. There is a risk in trying to make light of every situation.

A survey of online dating services will reveal that people want to have fun. They want to laugh. They will list "a sense of humor" as a priority.

Regional Jokes and Ethnic Jokes!

These are at the expense of someone else. They include: Rednecks, Polish, Irish, Yo momma, and many more. Be careful as the "sting" of being offended can stay with a person.

In many situations, regional and ethnic jokes are inappropriate. For example, I recently came across a number of jokes that were directed at the state I was born in and the college that I attended. 

They were funny after I changed the names of the state and college.

In some jokes the humor is rather obvious as in a limerick. In others, I consider the humor to be a bit of a stretch. The humor is satire, for example, may not be as easy to understand as the objective in satire is to portray the person as corrupt or, at least, ridiculous.

Funny People!

There are many celebrities who don't seem to put any effort into being funny. I'm sure that is not the case. But, somehow they seem to bring a smile to people's faces when they see them. Here are some examples:

  • Lucille Ball
  • John Belushi
  • Carol Burnett
  • Bill Crosby
  • Rodney Dangerfield
  • Ellen DeGeneres
  • Will Ferrell
  • Buddy Hackett
  • Paul Lynde
  • Eddie Murphy
  • Bill Murray
  • Chris Rock

Examples Of The Above Mentioned Types Of Humor!


A blonde went to the appliance store sale and found a bargain. "I would like to buy this TV," she told the salesman. 
"Sorry, we don't sell to blondes," he replied.

She hurried home and dyed her hair, then came back and again told the salesman "I would like to buy this TV." "Sorry, we don't sell to blondes," he replied. 
"Darn, he recognized me," she thought. She went for a complete disguise this time, haircut and new color, new outfit, big sunglasses, then waited a few days before she again approached the salesman. "I would like to buy this TV." 
"Sorry, we don't sell to blondes," he replied. Frustrated, she exclaimed "How do you know I'm a blonde?" 
"Because that's a microwave,"
 he replied.



A graduate student from Trinity

Computed the cube of infinity;

But it gave him the fidgets

To write down all those digits,

So he dropped math and took up divinity.


A physicist, a mathematician, and a mystic were asked to name the greatest invention of all time. The physicist chose the fire, which gave humanity the power over matter. The mathematician chose the alphabet, which gave humanity power over symbols. The mystic chose the thermos bottle.

"Why a thermos bottle?" the others asked.

"Because the thermos keeps hot liquids hot in winter and cold liquids cold in summer."

"Yes -- so what?"

"Think about it." said the mystic reverently. "That little bottle -- how does it 'know'?"


Q: Why do UCLA grads keep their diplomas on their dashboards?

A: So they can park in handicap spaces.


Q: What do you call a good looking girl on the Wisconsin University campus?

A: A visitor.


Q: Did you hear about the fire in University of Alabama's football dorm that destroyed 20 books?

A: The real tragedy was that 15 hadn't been colored yet.

Q: Why couldn't the baby Jesus be born in Louisiana?

A: Because they couldn't find 3 wise men or a virgin.


Q: What does the average Illinois University student get on his SAT?

A: Drool.


Q: How many University of Michigan freshman does it take to change a light bulb?

A: None, it's a sophomore course. 

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