Keep the Invitation Lively and Fun!

The retirement party invitations indicate that there WILL BE a party. Although the budget, decorations and entertainment are important, the invitation spells out the details.

There are countless ways to word an invitation. But, the information is the same. It explains the “why”, “where” and “when”.

After that it can provide a theme, whether it is a “surprise” party, number of years with the company and much more listed below. To avoid ruining a “surprise” party, explain the timing and arrival time of the guest of honor. Make it explicit.

If there is a dinner or an open bar, note that on the invitation.

If guests are to bring a theme item (Ex. “Things that No Longer Work”), make it unambiguous and give examples. Could bring a flashlight or video recorder or broken tool.

Basic Information on a Retirement Party Invitation!

WHYRetirement Party

WHO – Name of Retiree


DAY – Ex. Saturday (this omitted too often and the recipient immediately gets a calendar)

DATE – June 11th

TIME – Ex. 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

LOCATION – Local Country Club

ADDRESS – 1234 Washington Street, Middleton, Illinois

RSVP – to John at 123-555-5555 or email (regrets only)

Suggested Opening Phrases on the Invitation!

  • “The pleasure of your company is requested at the retirement party of John Smith.”
  • “Please join us for a Retirement Celebration"
  • “Please join us in honoring …”
  • “Please join us in celebrating the retirement of …”
  • “Let’s raise a toast to …”
  • “Please join us as we celebrate the retirement of …”
  • “After 25 years of honorable service …”
  • “Raise Your Glass Party”
  • “Retirement Celebration honoring …”
  • “We’re Gonna Roast her …”
  • “After years of hard work and dedication …”
  • “It’s hard to imagine, it’s hard to believe, but John is finally ready to retire …”

You can personalize this “lead in” in any way that you choose. Add pictures or a background. Use a folded card or a card and envelope or email or an invitation service. (Be careful with the services as some people regard it as junk mail and delete it.)

Miscellaneous Notes!

The invitation may be formal or informal. The formal invitation spells out each word.  Example: “saturday, eighth of June, two thousand and fourteen at six o’clock in the evening”

Party invitations should be lively and fun.

There is a controversy about whether to mention “no giftson the invitation.

Be sure that you mention a theme, if there is one.

Hosted by …   (is also acceptable)

   Great Gift

Retirement Gift

Interesting Gift

   Unique Gift

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