Theme Parties Are More Fun!

The retirement party themes list will give you lots of ideas for games and decorations. It is important to stay within a budget, yet make it a fun party.

Before doing any party planning, ask the retiree if it is okay to plan a retirement party. Tell him or her just a little about your plans. Keep most of it a surprise, if possible.

Retirement can be a time of mixed emotions. It should be about happy and relaxing times ahead. But, also is a dramatic change in lifestyle.

A retirement theme party can change the tempo and attitude of the party, making an otherwise boring party a fun-filled event. The party will depend on the budget and the time available to do the planning. Remember, great parties require work and preparation.

If you are planning the party, use the assets that are available, such as the creative abilities that you and others possess. Yes, it is important to be creative. Also, find an emcee that is clever, witty and funny. Choosing the right emcee can make or break the party.

Regardless of the theme, setting up a video camera and asking certain guests a question that can be played later in the program is usually a hit. 

The questions or statements could be: 

  • "Tell me about your first impression of the retiree."
  • "What did you learn from the retiree?"
  • "What is the funniest thing the retiree ever did?"
  • "What I remember most about him or her."
  • "Something the retiree did that changed my life."

You can come up with your own questions. But, I recommend asking the question and getting the reply prior to videoing it to insure that the answer will add to the party. The guest of honor should be given the DVD after the program.

It is likely that the person retiring will remember this party for the rest of his or her life. So, remember to invite former employees that the retiree was close to.

Retirement Party Themes List!

Usually the retirement party theme is about the retiree's favorite activities or hobbies or interests.

I have already covered the following themes on this web site: Nostalgia, A RoastCruise and Golf themes, an RV VacationTrivia and Retirement Party Games. Here are some other ideas:

  • "This Is Your Life" (patterned after the TV show).
  • Mardi Gras or an Hawaiian Luau or Tropical theme.
  • Beach or Boating themes.
  • Casino Night.
  • Western Barbeque or Mexican Fiesta.
  • Music Themes such as Golden Oldies, 50's & 60's or Motown (songs from that era) are popular.

More on the Retirement Party Themes List!

  • A novel idea is to find photos in magazines and glue the retiree's face over the face in the picture. Then make funny captions. Slides or a power point presentation is then made. The finished product is part of the party program and the retiree receives it as a gift.
  • A "Mini-Quiz" can be interesting for everyone. If only other employees are present, make the questions work-related such as the number of years with the company, number of bosses or positions. The emcee reads the questions aloud and attendees guess at the answers. Be sure to put in a couple of questions that will stump most in the audience.
  • Another innovative idea is to have a "Things That Don't Work Anymore" theme. Guests bring items that don't work and can't be repaired. Part of this theme could be a working alarm clock that can be placed in a paper bag and smashed with a hammer since the retiree won't need that anymore.
  • "Remember When" theme can be a certain day or era in history. A creative writer could make this very interesting by blending the retiree into the story.

Even More on the Retirement Party Themes List!

Sports themes could include:

  • Football or Baseball theme with the tables decorated in team colors. Pompoms would provide inexpensive and colorful adornment. Ticket invitations could be used. Banners can be ordered from teams and game prizes could be from team websites.
  • A NASCAR theme with toy cars and the retiree's favorite driver.
  • Bowling or a Kentucky Derby theme with the accompanying decorations.
  • For the retiree who enjoys "tailgating", make that the theme.

Finally, the decorations and table decorations, including centerpieces, can blend with the theme. Even the games and activities can be theme oriented.

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