With the Proper Preparation, You Will Not Be Nervous!

A retirement speech sample is available on this website. Preparation and speech content are discussed for both the employer and the retiree. It is a good speech, if it gives you a “good feeling” afterwards.

The employee representative and the retiree have the same questions:

What should I say?

What is better left unsaid?

Should I talk about my career?

How long should by speech be?

How interesting will I be?

Find all the answers below. There is no need to look for a pre-written speech where you fill in a few blanks. Everyone will know that you did not write it.

Yes, it is required that your employer or his representative give a short speech prior to that of the retiree. 

There are plenty of jokes, poems and quotes available to use to spice up your presentation. Use them. You might choose to select a famous person with a similar personality to yours and copy their speaking style.

The options are endless, because you will write your own speech. Prepare it. And deliver a speech that you can be proud of. The keys to do so are found below.

Six Rules to Follow! (Non-retiree and Retiree)

  1. Keep it short. The enemy of the inexperienced, nervous speaker is talking for too long.
  2. Decide what the attendees want to hear. Tailor your speech for that audience.
  3. Recall some unforgettable incidents. The earlier in the career the better.
  4. Stress team accomplishments.
  5. Establish what will be missed the most.
  6. Practice – Practice – Practice.

Representative’s Speech!

These are some suggestions. However, you will create your own speech.

Thank the retiree for their many contributions. List some of the things that you will miss after they leave. It could be their suggestions or humor or stories as well as their good work.

It is okay to express some sadness with their departure – if it is sincere. We realize that we are saying goodbye.

It is always sad to lose a good employee, particularly one that was hired so long ago and knows all of the nuances of the job.

Mention the number of years with the company and some of the company’s growth during those years.

Mention the positions held within the company, changes over the years, contributions, adaptations necessary and how the retiree helped to make the company what it is today.

If it is an informal occasion, ask a couple of the participants to reminisce about some interesting anecdotes.

(Do not prolong) Wish him well. Good luck. All the best.

Express hope that he will find that his retirement is everything that he hoped it would be with lots of fun and happiness – as he deserves it.

Thank him. Wish him well (again). Shake his hand and start the applause.

Retiree’s Speech

You could express surprise or confusion about the nice things said about you in the previous speech.

Express thanks for the committee that made all of the arrangements for the evening.

Here is the place to list the things that you will miss about the camaraderie with co-workers. It could be the coffee breaks and stories or walks at lunch or laughter.

This is also the time to reminisce a bit – looking back on the best of times. It is important to keep the atmosphere very positive at all times.

It is okay to single out the individuals who helped you, mentored you, and provided encouragement through the years.

Assure everyone that between golf, fishing and leisure, that you will keep in contact with them. After all, you’re retiring – not dying. Also, let them know that they can contact you.

Thank them for a wonderful evening and raise you glass to all of them and say farewell.

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