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An RV theme retirement party is ideal for the recreational vehicle traveler. The invitations, speeches and food can be coordinated to blend with the vacationers' plans. The following suggestions should help to insure a great party.

The guest of honor may have taken several RV trips in the past. Now he and his wife plan to take the RV trip-of-a-lifetime. It could be three or more months of getting away from cold Vermont winters. With that assumption, let's plan our party.

Invitations and Decorations

Find a "catchy" phrase as a theme for the invitations, balloons and napkins. It could be "On the Road Again" or "Seeing the Gulf Coast". Interview the retiree to find out their travel plans.

Each table could be labeled with a state that they will travel through.

If you've had a successful theme retirement party, click here to have your success story posted on this website.

Balloons with the state name on them should float above the tables. Names of the states and the theme phrase will adorn the walls. Picture this festive occasion in your mind's eye. Got it?

"Sights to See" in each state can be included among the banners. You may even come up with some ideas that the retiring couple have overlooked. This will be educational for many of the guests - particularly those who travel infrequently.

Food and Music

Choose a geographic area that lends itself to a party atmosphere. Travels through Louisiana on a tour of the gulf coast, for example, means: "Let's party at the Mardi Gras".

Find a caterer who can provide some tasty Cajun or Creole food.

If you've ever been to Preservation Hall in the New Orleans' French Quarter, you know that the traditional acoustic jazz is easy to listen to and great background music at a party.


The goal of is to give you ideas. Are getting any? How about a quiz about RV trips that the retiring couple has already taken? Provide a token prize for each correct answer.

Quiz the guests about places of interest in each of the states along the trip. A winner is declared if the retiring couple has not thought of that tourist attraction.

Create some 8 x 10 photos of things to see on the trip. Post them on the walls of the party room. Later, poll the guests. Can they identify the sight? How many of you have been there?

Speeches and Toasts

Every retirement party should have speakers. There needs to be an emcee to introduce the speakers and the guest of honor. See speeches for more on speech content and speech preparation.

Gift Ideas

Anything that can be used during travel is a good idea. Remember, RV's have limited space.

The book "RV Vacations for Dummies" is a great gift.

A new road atlas with RV campgrounds listed on the maps would be useful throughout the trip.

A framed picture of the retiree's RV would be a nice gift. A charismatic emcee could cleverly create a reason to take up a collection for gasoline purchases.

Party Memories

A photographer or videographer or someone with a camera should take lots of pictures. Organize the best photos and present the album to the retiring couple.

This documentation of the RV theme retirement party will provide warm memories during travel. It can also serve as a source of conversation with the many new friends the couple will make at each travel stop.

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