Farewell Conjures Mixed Emotions!

A sample farewell speech at a retirement party can be funny and humorous. Guests want to hear from the retiree. Follow these suggestions for a quality farewell speech.

Farewell speeches can be easy as long as they are sincere, show humility and are original. Copying someone else's speech will not work. Everyone will know you didn't write it.

Having a first sentence "attention getter" is always good. For example, you could say: "You may think I wanted to retire." This will leave everyone wondering what the real reason is for your retirement. Where you fired? Are you ill? Then make up some silly reason why you said that.

Next, acknowledge the efforts of those making all the preparations for the party. We all know these things don't happen by accident. Someone did a lot of work.

Successful Sample Farewell Speech!

For any speech to be successful, there must be preparation and meaningful content. That means preparing several days in advance of the party. It also means rehearsing your speech, so that you don't have to read it.

While reading a speech will make it perfect, you will lose eye contact with your audience. And, it is never as good as a speech that has good preparation. Professional speakers always rehearse their speeches.

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"There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave."   DALE  CARNEGIE

Witty Stories!

Everyone is unique. There are many things to say about any person. There may be humorous stories or incidents that have occurred over the years. Use them as a way to introduce humor into your speech.

Be careful with humor unless you are a natural comedian. You should know that by retirement time. You can tell a story and then say: "It seemed like a good idea at the time".

For example, "Mary taught me how not to lose telephone calls. Don't use the phone." "From Sam I learned when to take coffee breaks." "Brittany will not allow me near the fax machine, since I insisted I could fix the paper jam."

This would be a good time to refer to those positive and enthusiastic co-workers who helped you throughout the years. Describe what you learned from them and how cooperation led to successful projects and problem solving. 

As long as your speech is upbeat and respectful you can reminisce. You could talk about your first days on the job. Remembering your enthusiasm and energy. Hopefully, that never waned. As long as you are accurate, you will be credible. 

In Conclusion!

Again, thank the host or organizers, recognize family members and relatives, particularly if those in attendance do not know who they are. Then thank all attendees.

Mention you plans for the future and the freedom that you are hoping for. It could be travel or more time with grandchildren or golf or all of those. Those in attendance will be curious as you ride off into the "proverbial sunset".

You can end your speech with gratitude and the memories that you will cherish and raise your glass in a farewell toast.

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