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Sample retirement party invitations will give you many options in your quest to have a great party. You will need to set a budget before you order decorations and entertainment.

Retirement should be a celebration as it is a life-changing event. As with other momentous occasions there can be mixed emotions. Sadness at leaving a job or profession and exhilaration because of the new adventure are common.

Every invitation must have specific information about the party. The questions that need to be answered are: Why? Where? When?

The invitations can be as informal as: a flyer or cards or postcards ordered from a printer or on the internet. The invitation must have the name of the person retiring, the day of the week and the date and time of the party, its location and address, and the contact person to whom you will need to respond. Keep the word count low to minimize confusion.

The many sample retirement party invitations available will help you decide on the opening phrase that suits your purpose. I recommend looking at many to find the one most appropriate. 

There are many designs and color schemes. The options are almost unlimited. I'm sure with some research you will find the perfect card. Or you can make a flyer or card with you own creation.

Send the invitation 3 to 6 weeks before the party date.

Surprise Parties - Themes - Save the Date!

Surprise parties are great if "the cat does not get out of the bag". To avoid ruining the surprise, there must be explicit suggestions on arrival times for the guests. They must arrive at least 15 minutes before the guest of honor arrives or 15 minutes after (30 minutes might be better). 

It is necessary to inform those expected to attend (on the invitation) that it is a surprise party. The invitation should have "Shhh...It's a Surprise" or simply "This is a Surprise Party" in large letters. 

Retirement Party Themes  and Retirement Party Themes List will give you many ideas for your party. Use one of the suggested themes or come up with your own based on the retiree's interests.

If the guests need to travel long distances or take off of work, using a "Save the Date" notice will be helpful. Send it 2 or 3 months before the party date. Remember to include the fact that it is a surprise party on the notice. You will need to include the date, day of week and time. Note that more details will follow.

Party Supplies - More Ideas - Party Program

It wise to plan far enough in advance of the party date so that you can check the local party stores and online for your needs. I have found that this online store has reasonable prices as well as a good selection. They also have invitations and favors. 

On the invitation, inform your guests if they need to bring something to the party. For example, if the theme is "Things That Don't Work Anymore", they will need to bring an item that doesn't work and cannot be repaired. Or for a "Nostalgia" theme, they can bring a favorite story about the retiree.

If you are envisioning a program with speeches or performances or a gift presentation, a program outline can be inserted in the invitation. The more information that you can give to your guests, the better.

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