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Sample retirement speech - about retiree, has ideas that you are welcome  to copy. You will learn how to create a speech and deliver it successfully.

There are two types of retirement speeches. There is the speech that is given about the retiree and the speech given by the retiree. They are similar.

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To be effective each speaker must know the audience, that is, who will hear the speech. S/he must, also, be familiar with the room and sound system. You will want to know if this is a formal or an informal occasion?

Next, the speaker needs to be familiar with the material to be delivered. To do so, s/he must practice and be relaxed during the speech. Remember, the audience wants you to succeed.

A retirement speech, or any speech, should not be read or ad-libbed. It is much better to have some "bullet points" on index cards and practice the speech in front of someone who can give you honest feedback.

Retirement can be an emotional time. No longer having a work schedule, among other things, can be a big positive. Whereas, leaving the co-workers behind can be sad.

"There are always three speeches, for every one you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave."   DALE  CARNEGIE

Qualities of a Good Retirement Speech!

The number one quality of a retirement speech is sincerity. That is crucial at this memorable event. Without it the speech will fail, as the audience will quickly realize what is lacking.

It must be upbeat, yet respectful. This is not the time to get even with a callous boss or a disruptive employee. And the boss should not use the occasion to reprimand the retiree.

Everyone is unique. There are many things to say about any person. There may be humorous stories or incidents that have occurred over the years. Use them as a way to introduce humor into your speech.

Keep your speech brief. Franklin D. Roosevelt probably said it best: "Be sincere; be brief; be seated".

How long should your speech be? If you are an entertaining and interesting speaker, limit it to 7 minutes. If you are average, 3 to 5 minutes is better.

Keep in mind the Gettysburg Address is only 272 words and the Declaration of Independence is 300 words.

Be careful with humor unless you are a natural comedian. You should know this by retirement time. You can tell a story and then say: "It seemed like a good idea at the time". Always avoid any "inside jokes" that only a small percentage of your audience will understand. 

I'm Here To Talk About The Retiree!

  • Name the retiree, family members and close co-workers.
  • Keep it upbeat. It is not a eulogy. Remember, it is a celebration. The best speeches leave one with a good feeling.
  • Mention achievements or accomplishments. Embellish with some cute or humorous stories - there must be some. For example, did he help the company through a difficult time? Keep your speech entertaining and touching.
  • The retirees personal qualities should be mentioned if they are positive. Was he fair and consistent? Maybe s/he was overly honest or just a good listener. Did he always get the job done?
  • Was he a hard worker and dedicated? The retiree will cherish these comments as will his family.
  • If you hired the retiree tell the audience why you hired him. Let them know how you got to know him and that you will miss his input.
  • End with thanking him for his service and wish him well in the future. Check retirement poems and quotes and jokes for an appropriate closing statement.
  • An experienced speaker will end a speech by tying it back to the opening remarks. Try to do this.

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