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Sample retirement speeches will be necessary regardless of the theme for your retirement party. And they are free.

Acknowledging the efforts of those making all the preparations for the retirement party should be the first component of any retirement speech. These things don’t happen by accident. Someone did a lot of work.

There are decorations, food, beverages, a program, and so much more. The best parties have a theme and an emcee.

The retirement speech is an integral part of the festivities. It could be a speech by someone other than the retiree or the guest of honor - himself. Either way, I will provide many suggestions and comments below.

Speech Honoring the Retiree!

  • Thank s/he for their service to the company.
  • List some statistics such as years with the company and how things have changed.
  • Review the positions held.
  • Note his or her accomplishments. Ask others for comments, if it is informal.
  • Ask the retiree too keep in touch. Remember to wish them well in the future. And, don’t forget to invite him to the "Holiday Party".

General Rules for a Sample Retirement Speeches!

Keep it short. Ten minutes is the maximum. I heard about a retiree’s speech that lasted 40 minutes. He recapped every accomplishment that he had ever done at the company. The audience was tempted to head for the exits.

Tailor your speech to the attendees. Remember, it is all about the audience. Without them, there would be no speech.

If appropriate, reminisce about some early memories. Recall the positions that people held at the time. Your audience might find it interesting.

List team accomplishments and employer leadership.

End with that which you will miss the most. It is likely to be the day-to-day contact and all the stories about families.

To make your speech a success – PRACTICE. Do not ad-lib or read it. Stay on track and on time. During your practice, get some constructive feedback.

If you feel good about your speech, so will your audience.

Speech by the Retiree!

You may have these questions:

  • What should I talk about? What shouldn’t I say?
  • Should I mention my successes?
  • Do I dare make fun of our employer?
  • How long should it be?
  • Will I be boring?

Retiree’s Speech!

Here are some suggestions:

I’m confused by the wonderful things that you said –although I agree with them. Let me add a few more.

I’m also puzzled that you failed to express these things before. (I guess one has to die or retire to hear the good things about him.)

If you had come to me before my announced retirement – Who knows? Maybe a raise would have been in order.

When I retired I recalled the births and deaths, sicknesses and good times as well as the divorces and graduations that we were able to share. I explained: “That is what I will miss the most”.

This is a very special pleasure to be honored and be able to reminisce with some of the people who have been closest to my heart.

Thank you all for attending.


I cannot say this often enough. If your speech is too long you risk being boring.

Tailor your speech to your audience. You may be retiring, yet there may be people in attendance who are 30 or 40 years away from retirement.

Do not worry about how you will be described after retirement. You are entering a new and exciting time that you have earned.

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