Pre-internet: Shopping Was Very Different!

You can save money online in many ways. The best way is to follow the suggestions below. If you are creative, you will find many more ways than listed below.

Pre-internet ways to save money on items required looking for bargains by traveling to several stores. Today it can all be done on your computer. No traveling and no wasted gasoline or wear and tear on your car.

Click a few buttons and you will find the best deal. Below are lists of websites that you can explore. There are even sites that will do the price comparisons for you. It has never been easier to get the best price without paying a sales tax or shipping charge.

The Online Good, Bad, and Ugly!   

Wherever money is involved there will be scams, false claims, and bad information. So, be careful. Never use your credit card unless the site prefix reads "https" rather than just "http".

"Https" (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) allows a secure transaction as the two computers involved scramble or code the information exchanged. Bank transaction, for example, use this type of security.

"I Hate Paying Full Price For Anything!"

Some years ago I was at the pool of a resort in the Cayman Islands. I overheard a group of people discussing what they were paying per night for their rooms. The rooms were all the same size so the comparison was valid. I was very happy to hear that because we booked our room far in advance, our price was less than one-half of their price.

Who wouldn't want to get the lowest price for an identical item? I recently bought a printer and could have gotten it for $2 less and saved the $10 for shipping - if I had known then, what I know now.

To compare prices and find the lowest price go to any of the following websites:

  • (charts price changes)
  • (also coupons)

Coupons and Free Stuff!

If you don't mind paying more, skip this section. The following sites will provide a coupon or code that can be used for an additional savings.

  • (search the categories for free coupons)
  • (select the store name or name of item)
  • (coupons & discounts)
  • (coupons & codes to save)
  • (lots of deals)

The following websites will provide free merchandise (while it lasts).


CashBack - Is It Possible To Get Paid To Shop?

For those who love to shop, this can be great. Always be careful and suspicious though. The following are "cash back" sites:

  • (1600 stores)
  • (coupons, free shipping, cash back)
  • (UK)

Shipping and Handling Charges Can Be a "Deal-breaker"!

Sales tax and shipping charges can make the item you have chosen more expensive. So, don't pay them - unless there is no other choice. Check out the following websites for free shipping and cash back offers.

  • (check costs, free shipping and return shipping, and cash back)
  • (free shipping and discounts)
  • (free shipping on select items)

Other Things You Need To Know!

Want to find the best gas prices in your area?

  • (type in zip code)
  • Mapquest (click on gas prices)

Wait for "Sales" on your favorite websites.

Here is something that you can try. Place some items in your shopping cart online. Leave the site without checking out. A day or two later you may be surprised with a discount or other incentive to complete the transaction.

If you are searching for a new or used auto or truck, go to these sites for searches and deals.

  • (value of used auto) (0% financing & cash back rebate)
  • (new & used car searches)
  • (new & used searches, reviews, other information)
  • Craigslist (new & used auto & other sales - worldwide)

Final Thoughts!

There are many ways to save money online. Read reviews as they can be very helpful and also save some cash. Always be careful.

Sometimes there are special incentives for new customers. Don't miss out on them.

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