No One Can Motivate Me, But Me!

Self-motivation techniques provides all that you need to help yourself be successful.  You will learn proven techniques and tips that will help in weight loss, studying and self-help.

Other people can provide various incentives to get us motivated, but true motivation must come from within.  Another definition of self-motivation is the force that drives you to do something.  "If it is to be, it is up to me" is a quote by William H. Johnsen that comes to mind.                                                                                                                            The foundation of all motivation is based on the following question:  How badly do you want to succeed at something?  That will depend how focused you are on each of your goals.  I was motivated to have a certain net worth by the time that I was 40 years old.  Because I was determined and focused, I succeeded.

But, human tendencies can often get in the way.  Some people are lazy and unmotivated.  This, I believe, is fortunate for the motivated, because those of us able to overcome those tendencies can easily overtake the apathetic.  We become successful and they don't.

There seems to be a strong correlation between self-motivation and the achievement of personal goals.  With the self-motivation techniques presented here, there is little need for the inspirational Tony Robbins.

Successful people typically start slowly, build on their successes, and have fun as they achieve.  They keep learning, write down their goals, listen to motivational CD's and make progress every day.

I often proclaimed that I did something positive for my future every day.  That was my way of insuring a good future, since that is where I would be spending the rest of my life.

Eventually, we need to focus on more specific goals, then even larger goals.  We need to focus on activities that will lead to big returns.  It is vitally important that we do not fear failure.  In fact, we need failures in order to learn.

"I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career.  I've lost almost 300 games.  26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed.  I've failed over and over again in my life.  And that is why I succeed."   MICHAEL  JORDAN 

More On Self-motivation Techniques!

In our lives we set many goals.  That is our nature.  Our goals include: Career, Monetary, Creative, Domestic, Physical and many more.  But, goals are not reachable unless we are motivated and organized.

That is where a schedule and a to-do-list helps.  I would be lost without my list of things-to-do numbered according to their priority.  It prevents distractions and confirms my accomplishments each day.

Some people are motivated by movies or books or CD's.  Others have a true passion for an activity that captivates their lives.  But, for most of us we need continual reinforcement to accomplish a goal.  Each of us knows exactly what that is.

Types of Self-motivation!

When certain needs are fulfilled we can move on to other needs.  For example, food and drink and shelter are very basic intrinsic needs.  When these are fulfilled we go on to other intrinsic goals such as: personal challenges and love.

Having fulfilled the intrinsic needs we can go on to extrinsic needs such as: power, money, good grades and other types of rewards.  This is the area of goal-setting that many are woefully unsuccessful.

(By necessity, I created a study technique that allows the student to study less as the exam gets closer and to get a good night's sleep before the exam.  I am confident that you will get a better grade than most in the class if you use this technique.  It requires some discipline, but I can assure you that it really does works.)

What motivates you?  If you know yourself, your desires, your abilities and your passions, you will know the answer.  For example, a non-athletic person in his forties is not going to make it as a professional golfer or major league baseball player.  So don't try, that is not one of your abilities.  But, don't eliminate those desires and passion that are possible. 

Lack of Self-motivation Techniques That Result In Failure!

  • bad attitude will have a huge impact on your success.
  • Failure to stay positive and dream big.
  • Your mindset or interest in the activity.
  • Any negative feelings that are allowed to creep in.
  • Self-limiting thinking.  Zig Ziglar called it "stinkin' thinkin'".
  • Lack of commitment and mental discipline.
  • Failure to track your progress and build on your successes.

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