Seniors Can Travel Anywhere and See The World!

There are senior cruises that are adult only and cater to singles. They can be cheap (inexpensive) and provide great ideas and events to meet people.

"Adult only" cruises are a growing component of the travel industry. The least expensive are usually a week-long and sail out of Florida where there is the most competition.

Cruising is a great way to travel if you want to see different cultures without unpacking your suitcase. You can travel almost anywhere - from Alaska to the Caribbean, from Norway to New Zealand.

The Cruise Experience - Good, Better, Best!

By reading the critiques, you will soon discover where the cruise line places their emphasis. Since only the most expensive cruises approach perfection, the critiques provide some insight into ship cleanliness, quality of food, and crew friendliness. I look at the best and the worst critiques, first.

Entertainment is a big part of the cruise experience. A larger ship will have Broadway-type productions, piano bars, and dance floors. Of course, most will have casinos and slot machines.

Senior cruises will generally have a theme. It may be sight-seeing or adventure or romantic settings. You have choices. So, pick a cruise that suits your interests.

Cruising with elderly parents is easy. There are so many choices on how to spend each day. The more active can take to the streets in each port. The less active have choices onboard the ship or near the dock. The transportation portion of the trip is already taken care of.

There is a downside to cruising for some people. For those who enjoy absorbing the culture of another country, there is not enough time to do so. Visiting a new port or country nearly every day does not allow any emersion into the culture.

Seniors With Physical Limitations Can Cruise!

A senior cruise must cater to those with certain limitations. If the cruise line is serious about attracting seniors, it will have showers with seats and accommodations for those using a wheelchair.

Look for cruises that have wheelchair access to tenders and hydraulic chairs to lower the handicapped into the pool. They are available.

Elderly cruisers may have a need for medical care. Make sure it is available. Larger ships will have a physician available (for a fee) and a modern medical facility. I was surprised to hear that a cruise line offered kidney dialysis for their guests.

Remember to take extra medications along as travel delays can occur.

Single Occupancy versus A Roommate!

You can expect to pay between one and one-half to two times as much for your cruise if you want a room for yourself only.

Several cruise lines will match you with a person of the same sex and smoking preference. You will share the room. If there is a problem with the matchup, you can move to another room.

There are cruise lines that features studio cabins for singles. Remember to ask about over 55 or senior discounts.

Reasons To Enjoy A Senior Cruise For Singles!

A quality senior cruise for singles will have many opportunities to mingle with other singles. Find a cruise that has a dedicated cruise director who organizes dinners, dances, parties, and tours for your singles group.

On the cruise, you should be able to dine with other singles, share experiences, and enjoy their companionship. This can be a wonderful "fresh start" after life has handed you an unexpected tragedy.

Days-at-sea should provide a time for classes and "mixers". Classes can include photography, computer updates, culinary arts, and even pottery instructions. "Mixers" can be games and bingo.

Maybe you will meet that "special someone" to share your twilight years. That could happen at a wine tasting party or on the dance floor. After all, you are at sea with blue skies, ocean breezes, and beautiful sunsets.

Similar People With Similar Interests!

Taking a senior cruise may be the perfect way to meet people with similar interests. You can meet someone without the hassle and noise of families with younger children.

The difficult thing about single living is that the majority of time is spent alone. Senior cruises guarantees trying new activities with others in your age group.

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