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Site Outline is all about getting information to you. I've spent lots of time online and two things are clear to me. The print is too small and I didn't want to know that much. I know that you do not have unlimited time to research this topic. I've done that for you.

Site Objective

My objective is to get the right amount of information to you. You may say: "How do you know how much information I need?"

Recently while golfing at a new course a fellow golfer said: "The hole is farther away than you think it is?" I asked him a similar question, that is, "How do you know how far I think it is?" His answer was similar to mine. I just know.

My goal is to give you as much useful information as you need to get the job done right. If you need more information, it is available. As you peruse this Site you'll see what I mean. In the speech anxiety section, for example, I will not instruct you on breathing techniques or anti-anxiety medications. But I will say breath normally and be yourself.

I will provide links to websites that provide more information - if I think you need it.

Retire in style by making good retirement lifestyle choices.

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Site Outline (below)

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  • Speeches
  • How to Write a Eulogy
  • Funeral-Phony
  • Retirement Sentiments and Wishes
  • Retirement Songs
  • Retirement Toasts
  • Retirement Limericks
  • Famous Speeches
  • How to Memorize a Speech
  • Informative Speech
  • Persuasive Speech
  • How to Write a Speech
  • Sample Retirement Speeches
  • Greatest Speeches Ever
  • Sample Farewell Speech
  • Sample Retirement Speech by Retiree
  • Retirement Party Quotes
  • Enthusiasm & Optimism Quotes
  • Retirement Party Checklist

    1. Primary Items - a) Consult with Retiree, b) Budget, c) People to help, d) Who will attend?, e) Location, f) Theme, g) Invitations, h) Decorations, i) Food & Drinks

    2. Secondary Items - a) Emcee, b) Speeches & Toasts, c) Music, Games & Entertainment, d) Gifts, e) Memory Book, f) Photographer, g) Day of Party

    3. Gift Ideas


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