Motivation Is The Excitement That We Feel As We Pursue a Goal!

Staying motivated and achieving goals is what successful people do. The goal setting tips and unique tools will be discussed.

Motivation drives you towards a goal. It keeps you going when the "goin' gets tough". It forces you to get up early because you are excited about accomplishing the goal.

You have a choice. You can work on a goal or remain where you are. Remember we are built to achieve. We want new and positive adventures in our lives.

Staying Motivated Will Pay Dividends!


Make it a single goal. Too often, individuals select numerous goals and achieve none. They try to do too much. Avoid that dilemma. For example, a college student could set numerous goals such as straight A's, lose 20 lbs., and make the soccer team. While that is commendable, it is more likely that she will achieve none of her goals.

List the benefits of accomplishing that one goal. Read and think about why you chose that goal. Who are you doing it for? Remember, success in anything comes from within. Make it your passion. Want it deeply. Keep in mind what excited you about achieving the goal initially.


Make your first mini-goal ridiculously easy to accomplish. Make it so easy that you cannot fail. For example, if your goal is to get up one hour earlier each day, get up 10 minutes earlier each day until you have reached your goal.

Yes, it is a mind game, but that's okay. I started the P90X exercise routine over 3 years ago. It is a very challenging exercise program. I was wise to start slowly as I would have been so sore if I started at the higher level. Gradually, I worked my way into a routine that I continue today.

The important thing is to get started. Build on your daily successes. Use those small successes to inspire you.


If you choose to get a college degree, the administration will chart your progress in the form of grades and passing each class. But, if it is a personal goal, make it a measurable goal. That means you can chart your advancement.

As you experience progress, you will better be able to set a timetable for your eventual success. If you miss a deadline, your measurable progress-to-date should inspire you to continue.

It would, also, be appropriate to reward yourself after achieving goals or even accomplishing a mini-goal. Make the reward something that you can really look forward to.

Why People Fail at Achieving Goals!

The number one reason is setting a goal that is unrealistic. I mentioned earlier about the 40 year old who wants to be a major league baseball player. Only a few play past their 40th year. That is an unrealistic goal.

Failures, also, do not revisit their original goal making process and make the necessary adjustments. It is not necessary to change an original goal, but it is often necessary to re-evaluate it and tweak it a bit. Remember, we learn by doing.

Achieving goals is hard. If it wasn't everyone would do so. That is a motivating factor. You are doing something that is not easy and only a few people accomplish it.

The second reason that people do not accomplish their goals is because they lack motivation. Sure, the motivation is there initially. But, how often have you heard someone express a desire to achieve a goal and never follow through? There is intent, but not doing - as that is the hard part.

Yes, there will be obstacles. Sometimes the obstacles are insurmountable and that is where a contingency plan is necessary. Expect problems and setbacks. It may be necessary to alter your original goal. Achieving goals is seldom a smooth ride. How you respond to setbacks will help to define how determined you are.

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