"To thine own self be true"!

Successful traits part 2 leads to success. If a person is focused and has a passion for anything, he or she will be successful. The key is to develop the right habits.

While doing the research for this page, I came across at least 50 qualities or traits that people have or develop. I will include all of these into just 4 successful traits.

These qualities can be learned, such as developing a winning attitude or setting realistic goals. Training or taking courses or just maturing can result in achieving your dreams. Applying yourself and becoming a strategic planner can also be learned.

For example, to excel in sports one must train and practice. Those who do, have a much better chance of being successful. This is also true for students or in any profession.

Of course, there are individual differences. But, in general, the more you practice, the more you train, the more success you will have.

Successful Trait #3  -  Focus On Your Goal!

At a breakfast meeting with a long-time friend, he said "You are the most focused person that I know". I considered that to be one of the best compliments that I had ever received.

To be focused one must have a plan to focus on. So, being focused means not losing sight of that plan. It could be a short-term goal with many steps to be accomplished to reach a long-term goal. The important thing is that there is a plan and developing successful traits is part of the plan.

However, things don't always go as planned. Therefore, there must be a Plan B, C, D, etc. The goal doesn't change, but being flexible enough to change is necessary. Successful people adjust rather than be affected by change. They do not cling to what is not working.

Living in the present is important if focus is your goal. Live in the moment, but see the future when necessary. The present moment is the only "time" that we have control over. We can't change the past nor predict the future. But, we can shape the future by our actions in the present.

Successful people are not easily sidetracked. They typically have mapped out their plan from point A to point Z - with contingency plans. They plan their day the night before and therefore wake up with their day already planned.

Planning allows them to accomplish more. Success relies on a to-do-list tied to their goal. That may appear too regimented for some, but for the focused person it frees time, as they tend to get more things done in the same amount of time.

It has been said that if you want to get something done - give it to a busy person to do. Busy people, by necessity, are focused. That is why they get things done. They value time and don't waste it. They prioritize as there is never enough time to accomplish everything that they'd like to do.

Successful Trait #4  -  Serve Others!

That may seem like it would be counterproductive to accomplishing your own goals. But, it is not. Nearly all successful people consider this a priority.

If one is in the service business (Ex. physician) or the retail business, it is all about the patient, client or customer. That is how a rock-solid reputation is built.

Being sensitive to people's needs always is a positive quality. It helps to be a good listener. Improving things for others continues to a very valuable objective.

Those who serve others usually have the qualities of a good person. They are humble, fair, likable and sympathetic. They are also ethical and possess high integrity. These are not the qualities of someone who is out-for-themselves (Ex. criminal).

Concluding Thoughts on Successful Traits!

Successful people see things differently than the unsuccessful. They plan and work hard. They are passionate about setting and reaching goals. They have energy, a positive attitude and perseverance.

They realize that time is an enemy unless they use it wisely.

Most successful people do not have a large ego. That can turn people off, and in general, gets in the way of their goals and may sabotage their accomplishments.

There is one thing that money cannot buy. And successful people know that. It is reputation. It must be earned. It is a tangible and marketable asset and must be carefully guarded.

Typically, a successful person will do more than they are asked or expected to do. After those mandatory tasks are done, they take on more projects. They are often willing to do those tedious tasks that others will not do.

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