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The Third Retirement Party Checklist includes: emcee, speeches and toasts, music, games and entertainment. A retirement party is only as good as its emcee.

A good emcee will find the right balance between humor and the accomplishments of the honoree. Most retirees have years of accomplishments. Look and you will find more than you need.

An emcee's opening comments will elevate the enthusiasm and mood of the guests. He or she runs the agenda and introduces important guests and family.

Hiring an emcee or comedian is an option. Most guest lists have at least one "ham". It must be someone who is good at ad-libbing.

A good emcee is the heart and soul of the third retirement party checklist.

An appropriate and pre-adjusted sound system is necessary for emcee comments and subsequent speakers. The guest of honor must be seated in a specially decorated chair or throne. Position the chair so that he can see the speakers and the other guests can see his face.

Speeches and Toasts

The party host should select the speakers. Their speeches should be prepared. A recommended time limit for each speech is suggested. I suggest 3 to 5 minutes unless they are particularly talented and interesting.

A speech that is too short is always better than one that is too long. We've all heard rambling, unprepared talks that embarrass the speaker and bore the listeners.

A clever approach to creating better speeches is to tell the speaker that they will have approximately five minutes.

Shortly before they speak, ask them to limit it to three minutes due to the number of speakers. The best of their speech should surface.

The party's host can help the emcee and the speakers by providing biographical details about the retiree. I've included an extensive section on speeches and toasts on this website.

Of course anyone can propose a toast at a dinner party. Depending on the length of the toast, it could become an impromptu speech.


Music adds to and changes the atmosphere. The honoree's favorite music should be played. 50's and 60's music should be popular with the retiree's age group. Others will have to adjust.

Be sure to control the volume of the music throughout the party - particularly during the emcee's comments and speeches. The volume should be low during dinner so guest can converse. Crank up the volume for dancing.

Encourage people take to the dance floor. The emcee can help.

Games and Entertainment

Meeting and reuniting with friends is often enough entertainment. Make a decision before the party if any games are necessary.

Quizzing the guests on various facts in the honoree's life can be interesting. Plant some answers with guests who would be unlikely to know the answer. All will be amazed!

Meet with co-workers before or during the party and find some "inside information" for the quiz. Let the emcee handle this. Give a token prize for a correct answer.

Hire a magician or a caricaturist for additional entertainment.

A slideshow or power point presentation including childhood photos is always a hit. Obtain photos from friends and co-workers. Pick the best only. Quality wins over quantity.

The Third Retirement Party Checklist is extremely important for a fun and successful party.

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