Smart People Value Their Time!

Use of a time management worksheet will save you 5 to 10 hours a week. The lessons and techniques on this page may not be easy to implement, but they are invaluable aids to becoming more productive.

Smart people are very careful with their money. They are also very protective of their time. They choose time management rather than "crisis management".

Wasted Time Steals From Family & Fun Time!

You and I can learn to make better use of our time. A time management worksheet is an important aid. With it, we can schedule and prioritize tasks. Prioritizing is essential as all tasks are not equal.

We need to eliminate those things that waste our time. If it doesn't help us reach an objective, it is okay to remove it. Anything that keeps us from staying focused should be scrubbed. It could be interrupting phone calls or distracting emails. There are easy and obvious methods of eliminating those types of distraction.

Another thing that can destroy productivity is procrastination. Prioritizing a time management worksheet should eliminate that. Simply number the items on your worksheet in the order that you have decided to do them. Sounds simple!

Good Habits Can Improve Lives!

It will be simple after using a "to-do-list" becomes an indispensible habit. We all have lists. And the ways of using those lists can always be improved.

For example, when grocery shopping I use a pre-organized list of the usual items that I purchase. It is in the order that I will find them in the store. Each item that I need is circled or highlighted. There are spaces for non-routine items so that they can be placed in the correct order found in the store. The result is that I never "back track", as so many people do.

The time to create a time management worksheet is the evening before implementation. If your most productive time is mornings, schedule the most difficult task during this "prime time". Then focus like a laser on this high priority item.

Without a "to-do-list", projects of lower priority (particularly easier projects) could take precedence. The result is inefficiency and never finishing the important projects on time.

Time Management Rules!

  1. Make a list of items to be done the following day. Do not include a project that is unimportant. (You know what these are.)
  2. Prioritize (number) each item. Then, never violate your prioritization.
  3. Schedule your time and stick to your schedule.
  4. Disable roadblocks such as interruptions ("Do Not Disturb" sign), emails, and telephone.

Time Management Results!

  • Less stress, more successful and productive, and happier.
  • Achieve more in less time and that is "rewarding".
  • More quilt-free time with your family, pursuit of your passions, and "fun time".

I remember the opening comments of one of the best motivational speakers ever, Zig Ziglar. He said: "Imagine that you have been invited on an all-expenses-paid two week trip to Tahiti. You will travel by private jet and  you can take your entire family. You will need to be ready tomorrow morning. Can you make it?"

Can you imagine how productive you would be getting ready for that trip? Then he said: "Why not make every day that productive?" (Mr. Zigler spoke rapidly, but used his slow, plodding drawl when asking those questions.)

How to Make a Time Management Worksheet!

You need the freedom to create your worksheet in any form that will work for you. For some people listing the hours in a vertical column on the left side of the page is important. You could list just one day and keep a master list from which projects are periodically retrieved; then deleted when they are scheduled.

I prefer to keep my daily list very simple, although it usually has 3 or 4 days listed. I have a master list. I select items from the master list and list them randomly on my 3 or 4 day list. I then number them in the order that they will be completed.

If you have not used a time management worksheet and choose to try it, select a simple method. After realizing the many advantages, you will modify your list to suit your needs.

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