Traveling Can Be Fun With The Proper Preparation!

Having a travel packing checklist can be indispensible. Just as checklists are important for a wedding or estate planning or when junior goes to live in a college dorm.

Even experienced travelers tend to forget an item or two. That becomes almost impossible with a travel packing checklist.

Second to having a checklist is routinely updating it. Times change and items that should be on the list change. For example, I did not have an iPad on my list of 5 years ago.

Take your list with you as you travel. While you're waiting in an airport on your return to home, update your travel packing checklist adding items that you wish you had on the list and eliminating items that you did not use.

This Could Be The Worst-Case Scenario - It Was For Me!

I lost my wallet one day prior to traveling to Hawaii. One of the credit cards was already used to buy some merchandise. Fortunately, my wife and in-laws were traveling with me and they had different credit cards as I needed to cancel my cards. I, also, was without a driver's license without an opportunity to get another.

I am a wiser traveler as I travel more. For example, I list things at the end of my travel packing checklist that I cannot forget nor neglect to do.

That list includes:

  • Airline Tickets and Boarding Passes
  • Itinerary
  • Documents (passport)
  • Cell phone and charger
  • Wallet with Cash and Credit Cards
  • Copy of both sides of all cards in my wallet
  • Glasses
  • Medications
  • Turn off water
  • Take garbage out
  • Adjust heat

These are all things that if not remembered or not done would have negative consequences.

Travel Packing Checklist Tips!

Trying to create a checklist for another person is impossible. The type of travel, length of trip, weather conditions, and so on will vary. However, there is a website that will allow you to enter all those specifics and more. Copy and paste the following:

There are some tips that will work with most types of travel:

  • When packing an upright suitcase place heavier items at the bottom for more stability.
  • Roll clothes to save space and prevent wrinkling.
  • Pack sweaters and jackets in reusable compression bags to save space.
  • Because suitcases often look similar, tie a distinctive ribbon on your bag to help with identifying it at an airport baggage claim.
  • Put breakable items inside shoes or surround them with clothes.
  • Take snacks (particularly if you have a restricted diet).
  • Keep cash and credit cards safe at all times.
  • Take plastic bags for laundry and wet swimsuits.
  • To steam out wrinkles, hang clothes in the bathroom while showering.
  • Put your name on luggage (no address).
  • Consider taking an emergency kit (anti-bacterial cream, bandages, etc.).
  • Take hand sanitizer or wipes.

Travel By Air!

Airplane seats are smaller, flights seem to be more crowded, and there are no reasons to enjoy the journey.

To make the flight easier and quieter and more comfy try the following suggestions:

  • In your carry-on take an eye mask to block out glare while sending a message that you'd rather rest.
  • Use noise-reduction earphones to block out sounds and enjoy your own music or quiet time.
  • Because temperatures change during loading and during the flight, wear layers that open in the front to adjust to the changes.
  • Take a light-weight travel blanket that will fit in your carry-on.
  • An inflatable neck pillow will ensure that your head stays secure.
  • Liquids or lotions in your checked bag should be in leak-proof plastic bags.

It is important to check your airlines regulations regarding bag size and weight before your arrival at the airport. This will avoid unpleasant and expensive surprises.

Carry-on bags also have size restrictions. These limitations can change, so check before you fly.

Finally, be aware of the restrictions and recommendations when going through the airport security. The suggestions for carrying liquids and other items will be enforced. 

Travel Can Involve Some Waiting!

Experienced travelers understand that. They carry "boredom-killers". These include travel-size games, a deck of cards, books, magazines, an iPad or Kindle.

All of these things can make wait times more enjoyable. An overnight stay in an airport is possible and much easier to endure with "boredom-killers".

These items are even more important if you are traveling with children. Traveling with a baby will require an arsenal of extra items.

Traveling Out Of The United States!

I will mention just a few recommendations:

  • Items that require electricity, may need an adapter or electrical converter. The USA current is rated at 110-125 volts. Other countries may operate on 220-250 volts.
  • Toilet paper and tampons may not be available in some locations. Taking your own may save your day.
  • Travel insurance with medical evacuation, medical care, and trip interruption is recommended.
  • Use a tamper-evident product to seal your suitcase when traveling across a country's border. You do not want to find out when going through customs that contraband is in your luggage.

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