Time for Fun, Merriment, and Good Times!

Wedding speeches typically include speeches by the father of the bride, the groom, and the best man. The maid of honor may also choose to give a speech.

Of course, your speech should be something that you write yourself. Make it personal and memorable.

Make the audience your #1 priority. After all, what is a speech without an audience? Keep in mind, the audience is on your side. They would like to hear the best speech that you can make.

Give the audience a chance to hear what you have to say. To do so, you must speak slowly (the audience is hearing this for the first time) and use pauses. Talk to them as you would talk to a friend.

The worst speech is one that is given by a nervous person who speaks too fast. It appears to the audience as though they just want to get through it. That cannot happen if you understand that the purpose of the speech is to entertain or enlighten the audience.

A shorter speech is always better than one that is too long. Seldom do we hear someone say: “I wish that speech was longer”.

Keep your wedding speech light-hearted and fun. Remember, it is a party.

Wedding Speech Delivery!

Always stand up straight. (I wish I didn’t have to remind people of that.) Look confident. Look at your audience.

You can memorize your speech or use note cards, but do not ad lib or your speech will die (unless, of course, you are an experienced speaker and a uniquely funny person). You can avoid a "shaky hand" by placing note cards where you can see them.

If you expect laughs, pause. If there is no laughter when expected, you can tell your audience that you expected them to laugh. That should help to loosen them up a bit. People enjoy being entertained.

Do not drink too much before your speech. You may think you’re fine, but the audience will notice.

Prepare, then practice, then practice again. It will make your speech better.

Balance sincerity and humor. And avoid being over-sentimental.

Keep in mind that the bride and groom not required to give a speech.

Groom’s Speech (optional)!

“On behalf of my bride and myself, I want to welcome all of you to our wedding ceremony. Thank you all, who have worked so hard to make all the preparations necessary for us to have this party. Thank you to my parents who made this financially possible.” (sample)

Describe how you met your wife. Tell the audience what your first impression was and about subsequent encounters. They are likely to find this interesting.

Next, set the stage for the highlight speaker of the evening – the best man. You are likely to have known each other for most of your lives. It may even be your brother.

There are likely to be some humorous stories about your years as friends. It is okay to tell them, but realize there could be some retaliation during the best man’s speech.

End with two thoughts:

  • A toast to the bridesmaids.
  • Acknowledge your love for your new bride.

Father of the Bride Speech!

Keep it personal and heart-warming. Acknowledge the groom’s parents.

Discuss several special memories and funny anecdotes about your daughter (the bride). How she grew up to become the woman that she is today. And, how you continue to be in awe of her tremendous achievements.

End by welcoming your new son-in-law into the family and describe what a wonderful man he is.

Finally, raise you glass to your daughter and propose a toast on the day that she has dreamt about – the dream came true.

“Best Man” Wedding Speech

This is usually the most anticipated speech of the day. And, traditionally it is the last. It can be any length less than 10 minutes. As usual, shorter is better than too long.

“My name is (name) and I am actually the BEST man. I hope everyone is enjoying the wedding.”

Here is where you tell everyone stories about how long you’ve known the groom and how close you are. Back it up with some interesting stories.

Relay what you can about how you found out about the bride and how smitten the groom was. Express how happy and content the groom has become and how it has affected your relationship.

Express your happiness for the couple and how wonderful this new chapter in your friend’s life will be with an appropriate toast.

(sample) “So it now gives me immense pleasure to invite you all to stand and raise your glasses in a toast to (bride & groom). We wish them a wonderful future. To life, love and laughter forever.”

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