There Are Three Times In a Female's Life
That Weight Can Increase!

Weight loss for women is a serious topic, particularly for women over 50. While rapid or fast weight loss is desired, it is the tips that create permanent weight loss that are more important.

Is weight gain a bigger problem for women than it is for men? The most accurate answer is: "It could be". Weight gain and loss is a function of diet, physical activity, and genetics. Those of us with less favorable genetics need to work even more on diet and increase our activity.

Female Weight Gain!

Let's address those three typical weight gain events in most women's lives: adolescents, pregnancy, and menopause.

Adolescents is a time when girls are going through many social adaptations and hormonal changes. Maintaining thinness is a priority as is popularity. Physical appearances are changing and eating disorders are common.

Pregnancy can trigger "food cravings" that differ greatly from person to person. This is not a time to avoid a healthy diet and physical activity. In this country, most pregnant women see a doctor regularly. Their weight can be monitored and they should only require about 300 extra calories each day.

Weight gain during menopause is not inevitable. Sure there are hormonal changes - again. Sure there is a tendency to gain weight in all the wrong places (abdomen, hips, and thighs). Yes, 30 percent of women in the United States become obese after menopause. Now is the time move to or continue on a healthy diet and increase physical activity.

These do not need to be difficult times for women. Many women overcome the challenges with those two important and basic concepts: a healthy diet and more physical activity.

Food Management Is a Must!

Enjoy food. But, work with your body - not against it. Food is for nutrition. It is not to comfort us.

Just as gradual weight loss is better for long term success, so is a gradual change in our lifestyle. There is no need to make drastic changes in everything at one time. There are times in our lives when we all need to cultivate new habits. Just do it steadily and little by little.

Lasting changes take time. Enjoy the process and relish the successes. Changes get easier if done slowly and steadily. Let your progress become your motivation.

Here are a few "Do's & Don'ts":

  • Don't skip meals, particularly breakfast.
  • Do continue to eat your favorite foods. Just eat less.
  • Keep a food journal. (It can be revealing.)
  • Select foods that are high in fiber (they cause you to feel full).
  • Select protein over carbohydrates (they help to lose weight and prevent loss of lean muscle).
  • Avoid restaurants that serve "All You Can Eat".
  • Select food at restaurants that is nutritious. (Remember, restaurants serve food that tastes good - even though it may not be good for you.)

Exercise (Physical Activity) Does Not Need To Be Work!

It is never too late to start getting more active. Do it gradually and document your progress. Learn to walk briskly. Even a 10 minute walk is better than no walk. It all adds up to a healthier you.

Take the steps rather than an elevator. I walked 4 flights of stairs to my office  twice a day for 36 years. It was a small thing to do, but I'm sure that I benefitted.

Pilates and yoga are wonderful exercises that increase flexibility. Water aerobics, using a stationary bike or treadmill should be considered as ways to increase one's physical activity. The main thing is to keep active.

Other Benefits of  Keeping Active!

There are many medical benefits. For example, exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes (to name a few).

People who exercise routinely burn more calories, get a boost in energy, and have more confidence and are generally less moody. The benefits are really endless.

There Is No Need To Make Diet and Exercise Your Life!

Know yourself and set smart goals. Make your weight loss an important part of your life, but a small part.

Loss weight, look good, and feel good. Realize that your old habits are history and have been replaced with new ones.

The key objective for a women to remain thin for the rest of her life is to become thin gradually and replace those old habits with better habits.

Supermarket Magazines Are Sometimes Right and Sometimes Wrong!

I opened a magazine recently that had an article entitled, "Eat More and Lose Weight". The article was about the Mediterranean Diet. It was a good article.

Another Magazine had an article entitled, "Loss 2 lbs. per Day Without Trying". First, realize that that is not possible over even a short period of time. Second, weight loss requires effort. It may be changing your diet or eating habits, but you need to try.

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