How To Become The Person That You Want To Be!

The definition of what does success mean is becoming the person that you want to be. You can achieve it, if you prepare correctly. It is not a secret.

Why are some people successful and others seem to fail? Everyone expects to succeed. The answer is that we become what we think about. If we think about goals, have goals and act on them we will achieve them.

That is not wishful thinking. That is a fact. The human mind will return what we think about. It is rich and fertile and will give back what we choose to plant in it. Think about goals and the mind will return success.

Did you ever drive along side of one those huge "semis" on the freeway? Inside the cab is the driver who controls that enormous machine. The driver is not going to allow his huge truck to wander into the ditch. It is that way with our bodies. The mind controls our thoughts and all of our actions.

The Definition Of Success!

So, what is the definition of success? Do we just need to have goals and think about them? Of course not. The definition of success is "the progressive realization of a worthy ideal" (quote from Earl Nightengale).

Let's talk about that. Progressive means developing gradually over a period of time. Realization means fulfilling a plan or vision. Worthy means something that is commendable. Ideal means a standard or principle to which people aspire.

Therefore, Mr. Nightengale's definition could be described as the gradual fulfillment of a commendable plan to which people aspire. If the plan is truly praiseworthy, it is a form of success.

But, what happens if we don't think about completing our goals? We could think about negative things such as why we are not more successful. Here is the way the mind works. If we think about negative things, we will get negative results. Just as when we think about positive things and get positive results.

There is much more joy in succeeding than there is in failure. So, why do people continue to fail? It is that four letter word - WORK. There is a human tendency to avoid it.

Humans have a way of differentiating themselves. There are workers and there are non-workers. The workers have the joy of accomplishment and the non-workers end up without that joy and are usually poorer as a result.

That appears to be life's way of rewarding work and punishing the lazy.

Why Don't People Use Their Minds More?

I think I have the answer. Worldwide, people tend to value what money can buy. But, the truly valuable things are free.

Think about it. Friends and family are free. Health, our hopes and dreams, our intelligence and ambitions are free. The ability to use our minds to control our future is free. All of these priceless possessions are free.

Things that cost money can be replaced. Our home, with all of our belongings, can burn down and can be replaced. But, things we got for free cannot be replaced.

Steps to Success!

  1. Set a definite goal. Make it the most important thing in your life. Work toward its completion.
  2. Don't allow yourself to think of all of the reasons that you cannot accomplish that goal. If those thoughts come to mind, trace back to your childhood to see how those thoughts got there.
  3. Picture yourself already reaching that goal - doing the things that you will be doing when the goal is accomplished.
  4. Act the part of the person that you want to become as though your goal has already been fulfilled.
  5. Do this for one month. Then do it for another month - and another, until it becomes the way that you choose to live.
  6. It will become a reality. There is no way that it cannot. And you will have a happy life.

We Are the Sum Total of Our Thoughts!

There is a much used example of 100 men at age 25 who think that they will be successful. But at age 65 only 1 in 20 is financially independent. Why? What happened to their original enthusiasm over those 40 years?

In the United States, we live in the greatest land of opportunity that has ever existed. Unless disabled, anyone can become financially independent. That has been proven again and again.

Those that succeed continue to succeed. And I don't mean only financially. Remember the definition: "the progressive realization of a worthy ideal". It could be a stay-at-home mom or a salesperson or an author. Or any other worthy ideal.

Final Thoughts on the What Does Success Mean!

We become successful by being of service to others. Think about it. People are rewarded for their efforts in serving people. It could be a waitress or a professional baseball player or a truck driver or a business owner. They all provide a service.

It should not be for the purpose of making money. The financial prize is the result. Success brings that reward.

Interestingly, those who choose to be successful continue to be successful.

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