Sleeping In and Leisurely Lunches Will Not Work!

To work from home and be successful requires that you prepare to achieve. The secret lies in organization and avoiding distractions.

Working at a home-based business or for a company is similar in many ways. Both can be liberating and lucrative. For example, the commute to work is eliminated. That saves time and money. Co-worker interruptions are also removed.

There is certainly more flexibility with lunches (possible savings) and work hours. The dress code, when working at home, is also more flexible. Although, I do not recommend working in pajamas.

Those who think about sleeping late, working in pajamas and having long leisurely lunches will have a difficult time making it if they work from home. Child care costs will not be saved as work cannot constantly be interrupted by children.

Being able to work from home is a luxury that cannot be achieved without the discipline that allows you to stay sharp and focused. The distractions and temptations can be numerous and counter-productive.

Know Thy Self!

Are you truly prepared to do a professional job as you work from home? If you do not treat it as such, you are likely to fail.

It is important that you are disciplined enough to set a work schedule and to set goals. Then adhere to the schedule and reach those goals. Anything less will result in failure. It is necessary to take this work from home luxury seriously.

Next, you will need organizational skills and a daily or even hour-by-hour to-do list.

Have you identified your strengths? Do you know what your talents and interests are? Will you stay focused and committed? Remember, it is important to get up and go to work as you would in an office environment.

You will need a passion for your work. No one else will be around to encourage you. This requires the right attitude. Is this your personality?

You must be somewhat independent and able to figure things out for yourself. If there is a computer problem or an issue with a client, you must work it out.

Do you need social stimulation? Working from home can be a bit of social isolation.

Organization - Plan Your Day - Avoid Distractions!

  • Plan your day the night before. This will give you the peace of mind that you need to get a good night's rest. Schedule everything. Be as detailed as necessary. And don't forget to prioritize. Certain things must get done that day. Set yourself up to win.
  • Have a set work place. Make it dedicated to your work environment. Keep it stocked with supplies. Have a fast computer, printer, copier, fax machine and reliable backups.
  • Set regular office hours and stick to them. Let friends and family know that although you are working from home - your are still working. You are not free to do whatever you want.
  • Avoid home distractions and multitasking that get you out of your routine. Yes, there are dishes in the sink and there are clothes that need to be washed. Work time is not the time to do those things. Avoid non-income producing activities while at work. And, do not turn on the television.
  • Limit the number of times that you check emails. I suggest checking them in the morning, at noon and at the end of the day. Also, learn to communicate by email being concise, accurate and clear.
  • Learn how to update and use your computer software.
  • Take breaks. Get some fresh air. Go for a short walk.
  • Dress for the office. Dress for success. Your image on Skype is important.
  • Schedule some "face time" with co-workers or via Skype.
  • Exercise. It is good for both your physical and mental health.

Final Words On Work From Home!

There are many people that make a good living working from their home. But, be careful of "scam artists" as the internet is full of them.

If you can find a mentor, someone who has a successful work from home business, ask them for their advice.

One disadvantage (or maybe it is an advantage) is that the work is always there. But, so is the opportunity to make money.

Finally, you may try SBI to set up your website and start a business at your home.

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